IGN: PS Vita Review

For years, I had longed for a console-quality experience on a portable, but due to hardware limitations and the high costs associated, it was impossible to achieve. Now, Sony has developed a solution that is powerful, compact and affordable in the hope that consumers like me will not only revitalize its handheld business, but also combat the ever-growing popularity of smartphone and tablet gaming.

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Dante1123551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Day 1 once it releases in the US.

Edit: Nvm, I just read their 3DS review. They gave it a 7.5.

miyamoto3551d ago

Best Buy Canada pre order deal for CAD$300 (1:1 with US$ today)
1) PS Vita unit = $250
2) PS Vita case = $15
3) 4GB Memory Card = $20
4) Little Deviants game = $30
5) Uncharted game = $50
Total............... = $365 - $300 = $65 savings!!!!

January 6-12, 2012 only.

TheGamingArt3551d ago

I saw the deal.. seriously wish they had that deal in the US too :(.

alien6263551d ago

amazon has the same deal but u get it a week early

MsclMexican3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

1) PS Vita unit = $250
2) PS Vita case = $15
3) 4GB Memory Card = $20
4) Little Deviants game = $30
5) Get the system a week early= priceless

Total: 299.99

For once Canadians are getting a good video game deal... maybe our luck is changing

Neko_Mega3550d ago

The US does get the same deal and it comes out a week early:

dboyman3550d ago

The coupon for free uncharted only good if go into store. There is no best buy where I live so out of luck!

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Misterhbk3551d ago

I'll be getting mine in about 3 days. Just ordered Uncharted Golden Abyss, 4GB memory card, and a WiFi Vita from a friend who's coming back from Japan on Monday.

I was gonna hold out until Feb. But I'm impatient! xD I'll just get more games, and the accessories I want when the system actually releases here. Uncharted, Remote Play, and getting used to the system will last me a month until I can get more games

miyamoto3551d ago

So they might update this already great review, cheers!

Jobesy3551d ago

Well, I really don't see why they're reviewing it right now. Last I checked many features didn't work in the US because the servers for the US aren't up yet.

Blacksand13551d ago

If you got games from the PSN store you can download the same ones to your Vita. if you don't have money to buy games then you can use the same one you already have.

Razongunz3551d ago

on IGN a 7 is considered middle or even sometimes bad/dissapointing..and a 8 is considered quite good and very nice, something ranked 8 by IGN is normally a great product but they have one big point which drags them vitas case the price is a rating drop..other than that i think the vita could score a 9 or even 9.5. if they had dropped the hardware price 50 dollars.. and meybe dropped the memory cards by 2/3, but i'm ok with the price, it doesnt bother me

also have a 3ds..and i got the 3ds when it was 250..still lovin it and i'm not regretting :P

Solid_Snake373550d ago

Its 250 dollars! Have you seen Vita specs?? I thought it was freaking cheap!

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SynGamer3551d ago

Already got my Wi-Fi version pre-ordered along with Hot Shots Golf. Can't wait. Console-like experiences in the palm of my hand? Sold!

Dante1123551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I heard that the Vita's Fifa game was solid as well. I plan on getting that along with Uncharted.

Edit: What's up with the random disagrees lol?

SynGamer3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Fanboys/girls. Personally, considering the technology, the price is perfect at $249.99. I would have liked to of seen Sony include Little Deviants AND a 2GB or 4GB memory card, but they are already selling at a loss so I understand.

And yes, I'm very interested in FIFA on the Vita, just waiting for a few more reviews before I pre-order a copy.

moparful993550d ago

First edition bundle for me! I'm picking up uncharted, escape plan, and either wipeout or hot shots.. Cant wait to get my hands on my vita...

blusoops3551d ago

It'll probably review a lil higher once the us version comes out. Mainly because hopefully the browser will be updated and there'll be more apps available.

Either way, day one for me!

godofboobees3551d ago

If you're complaining about the price get a [email protected]#$ing job. 250 is a steal

godofboobees3551d ago

All the disagrees...get a job. Momma can't pay for everything

kaveti66163551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

People have different perceptions of value, dude. I think people who have jobs are more responsible than their unemployed, teenage offspring, and as such would be very hesitant to put down 250 dollars for anything.

LettingGo3551d ago

My "specs":

Part-time (20-35 hours a week)
Minimum wage
Community college
Rent a house with a friend

I already paid my Vita off. Just $50 from each bi-weekly paycheck for three months and it was paid for. I have a car payment, insurance payments, renting payments, etc...and I still found it in the budget.

And yes...I have a, it did take a little longer than I'd originally planned. She is much more important than the Vita. ;)

TBM3550d ago

ill be purchasing one 250 is a damn good price for what under the hood.

dark-hollow3551d ago

Apparently, $200+ for an IPOD is ok but a vita which is more capable is overpriced.

stevenhiggster3550d ago

Best comment I've read in a while, I had never even thought about it that way! +bubs

moparful993550d ago

You're forgeting $500 for the iphone and ipad that people LINED up to happily pay...

Bundi3550d ago

Why you talking about ipods though? Is this a music news site? Why stop at ipod? Why not a Versace wrist watch? Or Louie Vitton purse?? Yeah, apparently paying many thousands of dollars for an LV purse is ok but 250 for a VITA is too much. . .well maybe thats because the ipod/purse buyers aren't necessarily Vita buyers so the products should not be compared

stevenhiggster3550d ago

Get a grip Bundi, if your gonna be like that why not throw in Ferrari's too.

The ipod and Vita are comparable because they are both portable gadgets which both play music and games.
One is a dedicated music player with a sideline in games, the other a dedicated games machine that happens to be able to play music.

The Vita is a far better music player than the Ipod is a games machine though.

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DigitalAnalog3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Yet, I know people who's wages are about $500 a month who wouldn't hesitate to own an iPad2 AND an iPhone 4S.

Let's face it, this site is about gaming hobbies and gob's was correct in his stance on the Vita's price (E3 anyone?) I pretty sure you would be singing a different tune if SONY originally priced the vita at $350 and then somehow drops to $250 to combat the 3DS price point.

JellyJelly3550d ago

The money is no problem for me, I just don't see the need in getting one. When I'm at home I play on my stationary console. It has better graphics, better online options and more games. Better everything really. When I'm on the train or on the bus I read the paper and/or listen to music.

And I'm not biased against it at all. I even work for the company. :)

kza3550d ago

im the same why would i pay for this when i have a ps3 and a nice big tv to play it on. Most people who buy this will end up playing it at home due to low battery life, Its pointless imo. The tech is amazing though!!

BiggsnWedge3550d ago

heh.. no kidding, I seen some snot nosed kid yesterday whos momma buys him every apple product version of the ipad/iphone every year

Those things are x2 or x3 the price of Vita, gimme a break

death2smoochie3550d ago

For the core gamer, this is a good price. For the average consumer that unfortunately makes up most of the buying market demographics for mobile gaming, its not.

Price is suggestive depending on your buying habits and gaming hobbies.
Saying that, you do get a lot of great technology from the Vita for $250. However, average consumers do not see this and just see the $250 price tag that was never popular or successful for a hand held device in the past

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zeddy3551d ago

man i wish i had a money tree. i would water it and give it sunlight everyday!

HarvesterOSarow3551d ago

Don't build the hothouse! It will blow over in the storm :( and remember to always put your dog inside when it rains.