Xbox LIVE Enforcement Sick of Modern Warfare 3 Banning Questions

ThisisXbox writes: "As the ban wave gets stronger and stronger on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 due to players Boosting, Cheating, Exploiting or even swearing – Activision’s own internal ban-hammer wielders are coming down hard on those players, but it’s the Xbox LIVE Enforcement team who are taking the flak for it."

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scrambles3544d ago

Boosting is less enforceable. If you can boost its probably the programmer's fault unless its the old fashion was of just sitting there killing each other. Also i thought the whole point of them adding on all the prestiges and the extra 10 levels was to give the players more play time for each prestige cuz a lot of players find the leveling up of your character fun sort of an MMO thing so if they want to just skip the whole grind bit of it, why not let them? and stop putting the best guns for last or just make em different? give each gun a different role? slower guns can kill easier far away, fast guns have problems killing far away... sort of deal.

GraveLord3544d ago

Don't cheat and you won't get banned.
Its a simple thing to do.

MGRogue20173544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

So.. in other words:

"F**k off plz, That sh*t hasn't got anything to do with us. Leave us alone, kthxbai"

thisisxboxcom3543d ago

It would be simpler all round if they just removed the Tactical Insertion full stop. It's not needed and Call of Duty was better online without something to position you directly in front of an enemy if you so choose...