First Major Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch Brings a new Flashpoint, Four Raid Bosses

Bioware just published the tentative patch notes for the update 1.1 of Star Wars: The Old Republic, that is hitting the public test server and will probably be uploaded on the Live servers quite soon.

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majiebeast3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Meanwhile existing content is still bugged and almost unplayable. Lvl 50 Marauder.

The fact that Revan HM is bugged and boarding party chests dont open 75% of the time i can say the content is bugged. Thats not even counting eternity vault bosses bugging out. Get 50 first then well talk. Lets not forget the little exploit that duped items and has now ruined the entire economy of some servers because of inflation.

Abriael3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )


The game is very playable. As a matter of fact, I'm "playing" just fine right this moment. Sorry.

And you didn't even bother reading the article, considering that the patch notes list a crapton of fixes of the "existing content". Oops.

Guess some people have only one bubble for a reason. I do find it funny ho some people would go as far as spreading plain, easily recognizable lies in order to try to give this game some bad press.

What's gonna come next, are you gonna allege that you've been wrongly banned by evil evil Bioware? :D

coolbeans3544d ago

I'm curious to hear your countless complaints for every other MMO at release, WITH THE EXCEPTION to Rift (even then....).

larrym3544d ago

The game has been out barely 2 weeks and people expect it to run flawless. I played Age of Conan from day 1 up until 2 years ago, and that game was jacked up from the start, and even to this day with bugs that still haven't been fixed. SWTOR runs laps around that clusterfuck of a game.

The game runs nice on my old ass Dual Core too, graphics are a lot better than people say they are. As I will be upgrading to an I7 in the next few months as well. I guess if you have a shitty computer, you should get shitty results right? Go figure....