An exclusive Call of Duty will save PS Vita

TVGB: Forget memory cards, forget smartphones and 3DSs, forget battery life. All that matters is Call of Duty.

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Majin-vegeta3544d ago

Omg please tell me what does the Vita need saving from??It hasn't even been out for more than a month and it's only been released in one continent jeezus can we stop with the damn doom articles??

jony_dols3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

The PSP got off to a similarly slow start in Japan, and now it has sold more than 70 million units worldwide. Hell it was the best selling console in Japan in 2010 (outselling the Wii,DS & PS3) 6 years after it's original launch.

People should just give it time, and at least wait for the Western release before writing these doom & gloom articles!

Even yesterday the Japanese magazine Nikkei Trendy reported that an exclusive PS Vita Monster Hunter sequel was been developed for a release in late 2012. That alone would secure the handhelds place in the market.

I remember when these same idiots said that the PS3 was dead in the water back in 2007... fast forward 4 years, the Uncharted series & 60 million consoles later.

GraveLord3544d ago

A COD game for Vita will be its "killer-app".

Majin-vegeta3544d ago

Yea there's no denying that cod would move some sales but he acts like it needs really bad cuz (supposively)it's failing when it's only been out in one continent and for less than a month .*Facepalm* to the writer of this.

princejb1343544d ago

i dont think so, im a big cod fan and i play regularly
but i cant see myself playing on a small screen
its gonna be uncomfortable to see everything clearly

BiggsnWedge3544d ago


Your eyes adjust to the screen eventually. I have all the PSP versions atm and the screens are really clear as ever and games play fine.

Only problem though I could see though are the joysticks, some won't be used to the fact that the joysticks don't come out a bit(maybe they do for the PSV? not sure) but at least there is 2 this time so CoD would work perfectly

sinncross3544d ago

An exclusive COD would be great, but I would prefer that it shared online MP with the PS3 version of what ever COD releases around the same time.

being able to play online COD while on the go could be great!

GribbleGrunger3544d ago


SilentNegotiator3544d ago

Vita is also getting a Bioshock exclusive.

But remember, the PSP was originally going to get an Elder Scrolls game. And 3DS a Saints Row title.

Sony has to make sure that these games are fully secured. They need to support the developers and make sure these big games stay on track.

Darth Stewie3543d ago

Not even released in 1 continent just 1 country Japan.

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AtomicGerbil3544d ago

I don't think my tiny little mind can take any more, not only is my most anticipated hardware of 2012 being touted as DOA but it could be saved by non other than Call of Duty, kill me now!

SonyNGP3544d ago

These doom articles are getting dumber by the minute.

Oldman1003543d ago

I heard it's a hip new fad these days.

Kthalas3544d ago

It was an interesting article. Far better written than some of the other doom articles I've seen. But I don't feel that the Vita needs saving. Call of Duty will no doubt push Vita sales, as will new installments of other top franchises. It's far far too early to say the Vita is doomed.

Solid games are great for any console or portable device. The Vita has a few solid titles already, and many more in the near future.

brettyd3544d ago

How does this crap keep getting approved? oh yea fanboys. The Vita doesn't need saving, i need to start saving so i can buy one and all the great launch titles i want.

knifefight3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

These guys:
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Kthalas3543d ago

For better or worse, I don't have to like the article, nor agree with it to approve it. It was well written. I don't agree with the author. I've seen a few that I haven't approved because they were poorly written or hostile.

Maybe that's the wrong way to go about it. If so, my apologies.

clrlite3544d ago

Good one, haha. I'll be getting my finances in order to make sure I have enough for a Vita + games day one. This thing will be a monster with a huge library. Then all Sony will have to do is advertise it.

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