Robert Bowling - "further improvements planned for 'lag comp' "

While an update has already been released to fix the lag compensation issues that player have been experiencing, it didn't fix everything however luckily there is nothing to fear as more updates are planned for the future.

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TopDudeMan3552d ago

That can only be a good thing...

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mistajeff3552d ago

how about lag compensation that doesn't ignore user actions...

HaVoK3083552d ago

If the Modern Warefare audience were not a bunch of mindless sheep, who will buy anything, they would be Demanding Dedicated Servers. Both EA/DICE and Epic have listen to their customers. Activision rakes in more cash then all of them and still deny their customers of the one thing that should be standard this decade.

Ravenor3552d ago

To many people playing CoD, Activision couldn't even prepare for the demand a CoD statpage was going to generate. Do you really think they wont lowball the dedicated servers?

0neShot3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Dedicated servers are not the answer, as long as the netcode works right who cares about dedi servers. Bf3 uses dedi servers but it still laggy as sh.t and even joining local servers still has lag.
Mw3 gamers resort to config changes as a 'fix' to this fck up, iw and sg really fcked this game up big time

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