Microsoft and Sony: 6 Things The NextBox and PlayStation 4 Need


"If we take the rumors of a 2013 launch seriously, that would put 2012 as the year Microsoft and Sony begin locking down their next-gen consoles.

So with that in mind, for any Sony or Microsoft designers and engineers reading, here is a list in no particular order of some of the changes other than just ‘more power’ I would personally like in the next wave of consoles."

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gaminoz3551d ago

All of those points are really good ones. I especially think that they need to think about how to make things run the most efficiently and be easy for the developers to cut costs.

xCaptainAmazing3551d ago

It's one of the smarter lists I've read because it focusses on practicality instead of "how much crap can they cram into it."

MuleKick3551d ago

I like the SSD point for load times and the motion controller bundle point as well. I dont care much for MS after this gen so I won't mention them. As for Sony, I know it's against everything they do, but I hope they keep their architecture the same and just upgrade the RAM and SPU's and use double or even quad layered Blu-ray disc's. My long shot wish it that some how they let you use your PS3 HD in the PS4. Just swap and go or copy and paste. Either would be fine for me. And lastly, please let me use my PSMove stuff on the PS4. I would hate to have to buy all that stuff all over again.
I know I may not get most of thses things but one can only hope.

Projekt7tuning3550d ago

@ MuleKick
"I dont care much for MS after this gen so I won't mention them."
But you had to anyway lol. I'm not ragging on you so get mad. It's just the irony made me laugh after a crappy morning. So thanks in a way. I understood what you meant but still funny to me.

Projekt7tuning3550d ago

^^ I meant don't get mad. lol opps.

Venjense3550d ago

I wouldn't mind if Sony upgraded Moves camera

MuleKick3550d ago

I don't get mad. It's just discussion. But, I was refering to mentioning their next gen product. Since the article is about hopes for next gen. Just saying.

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BadCircuit3551d ago

I don't get why MS decided a 4gig console right now made sense. I mean, it couldn't cost that much more to make it at least 20 for those who only play Kinect. Not much DLC for Kinect can't be bought for a 4gig..not even demos.

REALgamer3551d ago

It's not even 4gb, more like 2.6gb since over 1gb is locked away for system files.

Weird that MS chucked a hard drive in the original Xbox, then made it optional for the 360.

gamingdroid3550d ago

There is nothing odd about it.

The original Xbox' hard drive cost MS around $50/each initially and it was hard to cost reduce. That is more than half a billion dollar annual decision! o_0

By not including it, but offering it, MS made it a choice if consumers wanted to buy it and reap it's benefits.

Even Sony was unclear about the inclusion of hard drive in the PS3 until the very last moment.

Personally, I think the money put towards RAM instead would have been more useful especially on the PS3 due to it's separated and dedicated memory architecture.

iHEARTboobs3551d ago

It was a smart money making decision, that's why they did it. It gave consumers a cheap alternative while at the same time, a lot of those consumers ended up spending the money for the hard drive further down the line.

Projekt7tuning3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I'm sure some bean counter somewhere in middle management thought it would save the company millions. Most likely hoping for recognition or a raise lol.

But here's a serious question I have wondered. The 4 gig slim is based off flash memory right. So how much more could an 8-20 gig HD have cost? You would think they would have had a surplus of old 20 gig drives still that could have been retrofit into the new design, right?

My Sister-in-Law Bought a 4gig Kinect bundle despite my pleading not too. It would have made more sense to buy a used Elite (which they also have), and buy the Kinect separate to use between the two systems. Instead she found out the hard way that she can't use the bundled Kinect on the older Elite, because the bundled Kinect doesn't have the power adapter for the older units, like the stand alone has. Guess what they had to buy this Christmas, a HD for the 4 gig slim. I think they got one of the Ebay knockoff drives. I'm curious to see if it has any problems. It was about a quarter the cost of the MS HD.

gamingdroid3550d ago

Why did they "have" to buy a hard drive? ...did they NOT know they would need a hard drive?

Projekt7tuning3549d ago

@ gamingdroid
The mother, my Sister-in-law, thought 4gigs would be enough. She figured if they had to they could just use the Kinect on the old Elite. But the bundled Kinect doesn't come with the power adapter for the older systems. She could order the power adapter, but she hasn't done that. Now that their using the Slim as the main 360, all their game saves and some minor DLC's have filled it. My younger nephew who uses that one the most wanted a hard drive, because he was out of space. My older nephew has BF3 with the texture pack installed on the Elite, and I think the younger one really wants to be able to install it as well.

But since you commented back, my main question is still what the price difference between the 4 gigs of flash is vs a 20gig HD? I wonder how much per unit it would have cost going with a 10-20gig mechanical drive?

REALgamer3551d ago

A solid state drive would be awesome if it could really let you resume a game in a few seconds even after quitting. Sounds sort of like the 'Hibernate' mode on Windows laptops, or how on the 3DS and Vita you can go back to the main menu and do some things or put it to sleep without the game closing.

BadCircuit3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I like the sound of anything that can make less loading times or change having to download the game from the disc onto the drive first!

AtomicGerbil3551d ago

Solid state is a fantastic idea, but way too expensive right now, especially when you factor in what Microsoft did with hard drives on the 360. It's costs more for a 60GB SSD than a 1TB HDD.

They missed out more RAM, that's mostly what developers have been crying out for.

REALgamer3551d ago

I think more RAM and faster CPU and graphics is a given.

gamingdroid3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I totally agree with this!

SSD although makes a huge difference for responsiveness on a PC, it would only save seconds of load times on a console, yet the cost is outrageous.

I think more RAM which is the biggest constraint right now and smarter and flexible architecture is a winning design. We are entering a time when consoles are being morphed over it's lifespan. Let's keep it going!!!

Belgavion3551d ago

If Nextbox doesn't have mkv playback I may just give up

DJMarty3551d ago

@Belgavion - So they gonna support the pirates favorite media, get real

Majin-vegeta3551d ago

24-32 players on each side on multiplayer games.

cuRvv3550d ago

I don't know why people are disagreeing with you here.

I know what you're getting at, I'd like to see enough power in terms of RAM and the GPU to be able to handle an increased amount of players in certain games, keeping it at a steady frame rate (say 40ish so there's a bit of le-way)

Obviously it would be stupid to have games like gears of war with more than the 5-a-side they have going at the moment. But games like Battlefield 3 just feel bare with 12 players per team! I don't know why DICE felt the need to push it out so fast on the PS3 and 360 when they are quite clearly dated hardware wise.

I would of prefered them to release it on the next gen consoles so they would of been able to optimise the framerate and increase the player count to say 20 per team (on conquest) or maybe more if the consoles could handle it, to give more of a battlefield experience.

I didn't want to focus too much on Battlefield, but you get the picture.

Megaman_nerd3550d ago

why people always act like if Resistance 2 60something players and MAG's 256 player multiplayer doesn't exist?

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