iTunes 7 Has a Shaky Start

iTunes 7 was released a few days ago and yet already its been plagued with problems. The Joe Public have been complaining in their thousands that the supposed 'upgrade' isn't that much of a ... well upgrade.

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zonetrooper55855d ago

i am using Windows Media Player 11 beta 2 which is very good looking and is much more of an improvement over Windows Media Player 10.

BlackCountryBob5854d ago

I got iTunes 7, its a definate improvement in functionality and design over 6.0 but I have had a few problems including the music skipping when the player is minimised! Just a few teething problems which is to be expected with any huge jump in software, I'll expect iTunes 7.0.1 to be released within a fortnight to patch the problems!

T-Rac5854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

yeah Apple will no doubt fix the probs. in a fortnight....

I like it perosnally and haven't had a single problem

zonetrooper55854d ago

yeh i did download the new Itunes 7 which looks clear but its not as good looking as windows media player 11, i also liked the scroll bar better in Itunes 6 compared to Itunes 7 but it will get better looking soon, i hope.

Theonetheonly5854d ago

the performance is better for me especially in the visualizer. i think they multi threaded it i get 40 fps rather than 30 on 1080x1024 not fullscreen but expanded large.

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