Why Is Amy More Expensive on PS3 than 360?

Amy, a downloadable survival horror game coming to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade next week, appears to have a great deal of promise. But there's something decidedly odd about the pricing of the game in the United States. That's because Amy is $3 more on PSN than it is on XBLA.

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GribbleGrunger4096d ago

no thanks. treat me with respect and you'll get your custom back. until then, forget it, i've got plenty of games to play.

ZombieAssassin4096d ago

I feel the same way, I hope many more do too and the game bombs on PSN if they go through with this.

crxss4096d ago

let's hope this isn't a sign of multiplatform DL games in the future and they change it to $9.99 soon. not that i really care about this game. hadn't even heard of it till this article.

BrutallyBlunt4096d ago

Well with all these comments it just confirms what many had believed before, this site is run by Playstation 3 owners. I have both systems so if it's cheaper on one then it don't bother me much, but it doesn't make much sense why it shouldn't be the same. Most if not all games are priced equally.

da_2pacalypse4096d ago

Not everything is about the US you know... In Canada, we get ripped off for microsoft points, since we get 1400 for 19.99, while the actual worth of 20 bucks is 1600 points. So in reality, this game costs about the same on both consoles in Canada. Get over it Americans, the world does not revolve around you...

guitarded774096d ago

The article has a link to a facebook poll where the dev asks if the price should be $9.99 on PSN... what answer do they expect? Anyway, no other dev seems to have a problem getting the same price cross-platform for their games. Sounds kinda like a publicity stunt to me... A. They're getting attention and B. If they drop the PSN price to what it should be, they look like good guys in the end. I do agree that the game looks like at least a typical $15+ title in quality, and would be worth it even at the $13 mark, but the price should be the same cross-platform subject only to region. Anyway, if it's $10 on PSN I'll get it for the PS3 because I'm a trophy whore... if not, XBOX it is.

bozebo4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

I bet it'll be cheapest on PC (the article ignored that it will also be on steam).

I guess it should bomb on the 360 too...

banner4095d ago

@ da 2pac

All mad cause the article is about america... Seems like its you that needs to realize that canada isnt the world either. Not my fault you get ripped off on points

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DigitalRaptor4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

They delayed the PS3 version for 7 months to bring it out on the 360, and then they charge more for it?

You're right. I'm at a similar stance.

ShoryukenII4096d ago

Lol. I was interested in this. I remember it was an exclusive. As it is now, there is no way in hell that I'll buy this crap and I hope everyone else feels the same.

Aloren4096d ago

Maybe the game itself should be what determines if you're interested in it or not.

Nitrowolf24096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )


true, but it's the fact that the game was delayed for a 360 version of it and now they are charging the PS3 users who waited longer more then the 360 version. I don't have an issue with is being multiplat, but $3 more doesn't seem fair at all TBH.

The game might be good, but the devs shouldn't be taking a dump on the console that waited longer.

DigitalRaptor4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

Don't get me wrong guys. I've been interested in this title for a long while and it looks really really good, especially for asking price, but all customers should be charged the same. That is my issue, not the quality of the game itself.

I will probably end up picking it up, but the discrepancy needs to be sorted. It's good to see the developer is taking an initiative with it and asking for a consumer vote. Very fair indeed! :)

Ser4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

Agreed. I feel the same way.

Won't be picking this up for a while, at least not until it goes on sale.

ChrisW4096d ago

Guys, read the damn article!

PSN uses real money for its purchases and Live uses MS points. It's the conversion rate that's making the price difference in America.

800MS points = 12.80 Euros which equals 10.00 USD.

Trebius4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

ChrisW, its easier to rage than to work on your reading comprehension. Let them rage.

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gman_moose4096d ago

If converting MS points across different countries is such a problem, why do other devs seem to be handling it fine?

Darrius Cole4096d ago

As someone pointed out, games are priced by region anyway. The explanation is pure BS.

solar4096d ago

i paid $10 less for the PC version of a lot of games. yet i dont see ps3 or 360 users bitching about that.

BiggsnWedge4096d ago

because PC users just pirate it anyways

Krakn3Dfx4096d ago

Yes, we all pirate our PC games, that's why Steam made more money in 2011 than in the history of the service.

bozebo4095d ago

$10 less = pirate?

Like many console games launch at just $10 ^_^

blaze22-qwerty4096d ago

@GribbleGrunger 100% agree with you, why would i buy a game from a devloper that doesn't respect me as a PS3 owner, i have Xbox 360 but i'm not buying the game on that console either

MrBeatdown4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

How exactly are they not respecting you? The only place where it's going for $10/800 MS points is on Live in the US. It sounds like people in Europe on either system will pay the equivalent of $13.

It sounds more like the devs' hands are tied because of the MS point system and they are forced to price it cheaper in the US. Either that or they have to charge more for it on XBL in Europe to make it fair to PSN users in the US. The equivalent of $13 in MS points in the US is 1040. If 800 MS points in Europe is equal to $12.80 like the article says, then by charging 1040 in the US and Europe, they would basically be charging European XBL users the equivalent of $16.64. As someone who, if I decided I wanted this, would buy it on PSN, I'd rather see XBL users in the US pay less than me rather than see XBL users in Europe forced to pay more. Neither way is truly fair, but I appreciate the fact that the dev is willing to take a financial hit by charging less to one group rather than dump the problem on another group of customers by charging over the intended price. PSN users aren't getting the best deal, but the devs are putting the customer first by ensuring nobody gets stuck with the inflated price. You have to respect that.

If the MS point conversion really is the issue, and this is really the only possible solution, you're not being disrespected by having to pay the normal, intended price. The irony in this is that everyone that thinks they should charge $9.99 on PSN in the US is essential asking the dev to give preferential treatment to US PSN users and basically disrespect everyone in Europe by sticking them with the equivalent of a $13 price.

With that said, I think there is some kind of communication error between MS and the devs, or something like that. It seems like MS must have a solution, since this issue has never come up for other XBL content.

gman_moose4095d ago

If the intended price is supposed to be $13, then the simple solution is to charge 1040 MS points in the US, and 800 in Eurpope. The currency is different, so the pricing should be different.

$13 is not too much to pay for a full game. The devs need to be compensated for their efforts, but it's the way they went about this. No other devs seem to have this issue, so why these guys? Of course gamers are going to be pissed at the situation. If they didn't realize that before listing the prices, they are idiots.

skrug4095d ago

"The irony in this is that everyone that thinks they should charge $9.99 on PSN in the US is essential asking the dev to give preferential treatment to US PSN users and basically disrespect everyone in Europe by sticking them with the equivalent of a $13 price. "

But are they not already doing that on XBL?
Charging the US only $10 on xbl and everywhere else it's 13?

MrBeatdown4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )


If it was that simple, that would be the solution. I think that actually is possible, but for some reason, the dev doesn't believe it is. I doubt they are making up a BS excuse to justify giving XBL users in the US a discount for no reason, so I'm chalking it up to it being an honest mistake or a legitimate issue.

Whether it is just a mistake or this actually is a problem and the devs have to pick one MS point value (800) to charge in both regions, it's not a matter of disrespect. It's actually the opposite, since the devs are showing a willing to charge less in one region so that another region isn't charged the equivalent of over $13. They opted to charge less in one region and take a loss of profit, rather than stick a higher price on the other region and gain from it. That's respect for the customer right there.


But that price difference on XBL in the US arose for reasons beyond the developer's control, not preferential treatment. (Or at least an issue that they believe is beyond their control.) I'm sure the dev would choose to charge full price on XBL in the US if they believed they had the option to do so.

On the other hand, everyone demanding they lower price on PSN in the US in the interest of fairness is basically hypocritical because those in Europe still have to pay more. They are asking the developer for preferential treatment over Europe, yet they are citing XBL in the US getting preferential treatment as justification for why the price should be lower on PSN. The reality of it is that XBL in the US is not getting preferential treatment. The devs aren't giving them a discount because they want to. They are doing it because they believe their hands are tied. The people asking for a discount aren't asking for fairness. They're asking the developer to charge them less than what people in Europe will be charged. That's not fair. That's asking the dev to stick just European users with the higher price. If PSN users in the US feel it's so unfair that XBL users in the US should pay less than everyone else, the last thing PSN US users should be asking for is to have that same unfair pricing (which exists only because the devs can find no way around it) extended to them, as to them, it should still appear just as unfair to those in Europe.

awi59514096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

Sony charges you per MB of data you put up on psn thats why. Thats how PSN is free. You didnt really think sony really took that hit on server cost do you? Thats why PSN doesnt get certain game demos because the developers dont want to pay the price tag. Some developer said i can cost you anywhere from 20k to 200k to post a demo or download on psn it depends on the size of the file and how often its downloaded.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF4096d ago

When your PSN is free, some games need to be more expensive!

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B1663r4096d ago

It is a one day timed exclusive on the PS3 as well.

ZombieAssassin4096d ago

Ha I think that's because the Ps Store updates a day before Xbox.

pwnmaster30004096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

Because isnt it obvious.
Us ps3 owners is more balla then 360 owners.
That has to be why.

Shadonic4096d ago

How when they keep bringing up the fact that we have to pay for online?

JoySticksFTW4096d ago

Good point. Rich people usually don't have to pay for stuff anyways though

pwnmaster30004096d ago

Just to brag.about it.

Thats what we rich people do. Isnt it obvious lol.

Half-Mafia4096d ago

What idiot would vote to pay more for the same game.

gamingdroid4096d ago

Developers and publishers! :D

I would vote more if I knew it resulted in a better product or had evidence a company that has been shown to be "very" consumer friendly.


PS Plus should get a discounted price.

Majin-vegeta4096d ago

:O Haven't seen you comment in awhile??

Studio-YaMi4096d ago

glad to see you around man
happy new year !