Shooters only need eight guns

Too many shooters aim to assemble the ultimate arsenal of ultimate destiny when all they really need is a few really good guns.

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SybaRat3552d ago

Just so long as all eight of those guns are sniper rifles that shoot nuclear bombs.

THR1LLHOUSE3552d ago

I believe the game you're looking for is Serious Sam, then.

THR1LLHOUSE3552d ago

As long as yer Calls of Duty or whatever have a semi-automatic assault rifle I don't care how many other guns it has. The FAL in MW2 and the MKwhatever in MW3 are where it's at.

LaughingFish3552d ago

A semi auto assault? Ye of little imagination. Whatever happened to the BFGs and the Cerebral Bores, damn it?

THR1LLHOUSE3552d ago

That's boring! Anyone can kill somebody with the cerebral bore.

It's about running into a firefight where everyone is waving machine guns around like idiots and then taking out 5 guys in as many bullets. Hitting a guy in the face with a thing that...chews through his head (what did that gun do exactly?) is cool and all, but killing a guy because your trigger finger is more reliable than his? Badass.

Getowned3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

"That's boring! Anyone can kill somebody with the cerebral bore."

pfft anybody can kill anybody with any thing..for example see this spoon.

I could kill you with it.

-evily sharpens end of spoon- >:) lmao nah but really you could kill some one with a spoon :D

spektical3552d ago

Idk in bf3 I switch through 3 different assualt rifles not to mention shottys Wen there's a Noob exploiting the usas. Not counting guns from other classes

ExCest3552d ago

If BF3 or MW3 had only 8 guns, I'd be pissed.

B1663r3552d ago

I just need one gun. A shotgun that rapid fires at long range through a 12x scope with a RPG alt fire mode.

Cajun Chicken3552d ago

That'll be Hard Reset then.

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The story is too old to be commented.