Video game shooters: PC vs consoles

A funny take on the endless PC vs. consoles debate among gamers.

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darthv723548d ago

without one you wouldnt have the other and vice versa. Pros and cons for each but ultimately they are encouraging each other to be better than the next.

Play2Win3548d ago

Shooting on consoles is more like luck then skill. Real Gamers play Shooters with mouse/keyboard. the difference is incredible.

darthv723548d ago

without that accuracy on the PC you wouldnt have the consoles trying to aspire to be as equal in accuracy given controller designs.

Like i said, both sides (pc/console) have really learned from each other in progressing fps over the years.

Its not a knock at either side.

caperjim3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Sounds like your trolling to me. I will feed you anyway.

I play only on my high end PC and use a gamepad for all games, even online shooters and do great. I guess im not a "real gamer".

You say a mouse takes more skill?? Anyone can point and click with a mouse. Try being accurate with two sticks on a controller. That takes years of practice.

GamerPS3603547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )


I play some shooters on console with keyboard & mouse (thanx to xim). It's almost like cheating. Have been playing cod on console lately with m&k and i get about 35 kill per game while die about 6 times. On worse day, i still get about 20 kills and die about 5 times.

Funny thing is that m&k doesn't even feel like PC. Now, give me real default support of m&k on console then all these stick elite will cry mama.

"I play only on my high end PC and use a gamepad for all games, even online shooters and do great. "
What game? dont' tell me you play bf3 and only fly plane or drive tank.

STONEY43547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

"You say a mouse takes more skill?? Anyone can point and click with a mouse. Try being accurate with two sticks on a controller. That takes years of practice."

That's a really poor argument. Personally handicapping yourself, whatever makes you feel more skillful. That sounds like the fighting stick/gamepad argument. "It takes WAY more skill to beat someone with a fighting stick by using a 360 d-pad, so I'll just keep doing that. THAT GUY BEAT ME!? It's not a fair fight. I'd own him if he was using a 360 pad."

Yes, anyone can point and click with a mouse. But the thing is, it goes exactly where you want it to go. You can't blame your errors on the game, like having turn acceleration which throws you off, or poor controls (since most PC games have completely adjustable mouse settings). The error is completely on you.

caperjim3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

You say "its almost like cheating" when playing against gamepad users on console with your K/M using XIM.

Dont this furthur prove my point that gamepads are harder to use and require more practice and skill then to simply point and click with a mouse? That was the whole point of my original post.

Why not use a gamepad on console instead of your K/M? Wouldnt it be more rewarding knowing that you are on an even playing field? I play video games for a challenge and a sense of accomplishment. I use a gamepad on PC knowing im at a disadvantage but feel much more rewarded when im consistently among the top 3 in games with built in gamepad support. Battlefield 3, Homefront and Black ops have great built in support.

Oh and to answer your question...i never use jets and rarely use any vehicle in battlefield 3. Im an infantry player that just uses vehicles to get from point A to B faster.

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ATi_Elite3548d ago

FPS started on the PC and became the most popular genre ever.

PC FPS Pro Gaming tournaments separated the boys from the Men and the Men from the Gods!

FPS format went to other Genres combining FPS with RPG's

Went to the consoles and continued the popularity and success along with record breaking sales.

Now FPS on the PC are fun but not the popular genre as RPG's and RTS have taken over.

Now we are seeing more and more FPS/RTS games and even FPS/Action RTS on the horizon.

all in all FPS will never die cause the format is the best way to immerse a gamer into your game world.

The PC just has the power and capabilities to keep up with the innovations of the genre and FPS are evolving.

Games like Battlefield 3 PC, Metro Last Light PC, Arma III, and Planetside 2 all are pushing the FPS to new heights that will trickle down to everyone else.

Next Gen consoles will get Native KB/M support so consolers will be able to play more FPS with PC Gamers. right now the Controller/Move/whatever is no contest against a KB/M.

Pikajew3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Shooters are best on PC than Wii. The Wii remote has great accuracy for shooters. I was able to do some sniper parts in RE4 Wii Edition with the pistol because the accuracy.(when Ashly is chained and you have to shoot the chains)

Virtual_Reality3548d ago

''also 95% of those guns on the pc rack have auto aim.''


Virtual_Reality3548d ago

Hey guys, Counter Strike GO is going have Cross Platform matches between PC and PS3 players.

Along with PS Move, Mouse and Keyboard support for PS3, so the matches should be equally.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3548d ago

I'm assuming Move wasn't a factor. I haven't used my move in a while but owning dualshock users in Killzone 3 with it was so satisfying.

spektical3548d ago

i find my dualshock controller to be more accurate than wands... i love owning move players on ps3.

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