New Study Finds Mobile Gaming Outpacing Consoles, PC

GR - "A survey of 15,000 respondents found that many are spending more time gaming on their mobile devices than they used to, and the time they invest is now rivaling that of console games."

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fluffydelusions3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

So $0.99 games on devices pretty much everyone owns and carry in their pocket are outselling $60 games only a portion of individuals own are selling more? Mind blown...

Ducky3552d ago

Well, the conclusion isn't really as easy to come up with (assuming that we're talking about profits instead of numerical sales)

Either ways, the article is talking about time spent gaming instead of sales.

LOGICWINS3552d ago

But according to N4G, gamers would rather spend $60 on games rather than $0.99 because they know that the $60 games are of better "quality" than $0.99 games. Surely, this study is a conspiracy because what N4G says dictates what goes on in the real world of gaming.

iamgoatman3552d ago

"because what N4G says dictates what goes on in the real world of gaming."

Oh god imagine if it did! THE HORROR! I'd probably have to move onto more relaxing pursuits, like knitting.

sikbeta3552d ago

LOGICWINS use the LOGIC in your name and realize that: Average Joe uses cellphones, for work, to communicate and some other sh**, celphones are now smartphones that do more sh** than before and come with Android, which is the IOS wannabe for non Apple zealots and it offers a marketplace for buying sh**, also some sh** is available for FREE, Average Joe download free sh** as time waster and when he gets sick of playing the same sh**, spend $0.99 in some other new sh** and repeat the process...

Outside_ofthe_Box3552d ago


Is it not true that console games are of more quality than smartphone games?

Since you are being sarcastic I assume that you agree that mobile gaming is outpacing consoles, therefore consoles will be obsolete in the future huh?

Your logic hardly ever makes any sense.

ChrisGTR13552d ago

i would consider myself a hardcore gamer and i'm finding myself playing more and more iphone games rather than my ps3 or 360. i think its due to the fact most good iphone games are based around fun mechanics rather than shooting people. maybe im just fatigued of fps/3ps

manman63552d ago

It is so easy to get games off your phone when they only cost. $0.99 any everyone have a phone these days.

_Aarix_3551d ago

Not everyone buys a smartphone to game. It can be used for buisness, pleaslure and gaming.

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PS3ROCKS3552d ago

All we have to do is kill ste, all yeah he's already dead.

MultiConsoleGamer3552d ago

I have a 3DS, iPhone 4s, Android Tablet, and $500 down on a PS Vita. I'm in portable gaming nirvana.

ATi_Elite3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Mobile Gaming is big! it gives us something to do on the way to (or during) School, Work, etc.

There is a large area of growth for mobile gaming so yeah this all makes sense but console/PC gaming isn't gonna turn into everyone having iPhones or Droids to game on.

Even the wonderful PSVita has it's limits and may be the next best thing to use when away from your console.

anyway my ideal of mobile gaming is a laptop roasting my nuts with heat from a high end mobile GPU that's running BF3! Not really mobile cause i'm plugged into someones AC outlet but battery life is getting better lol.

that's because i'm a Hardcore Gamer and some $0.99 game does nothing for me but many people love angry birds or mobile facebook games!

it's all good.

LOGICWINS3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

"Casuals YES, The CORE NO!"

"that's because i'm a Hardcore Gamer and some $0.99 game does nothing for me but many people love angry birds or mobile facebook games!"

Who decides whats casual and core

If a person dedicates 6 hours a day to creating a realistic and impressive rendition of the Taj Mahal while playing Minecraft on his Android device, isn't he/she a hardcore gamer?

If a person spends 4+ hours a day perfecting his/her trajectory in Angry Birds, isn't he/she a hardcore gamer?

It's funny how you think that all hardcore gamers have to be one way.

wollie3552d ago

if some spends 4+ hours on angry brids, then they need help.

and no they are not hardcore.

Outside_ofthe_Box3552d ago

I guess someone playing 5-6 hours on wii fit or just dance makes them a hardcore gamer as well?

_Aarix_3551d ago

There are core games on iphones and androids, oh yeah i forgot you guys dont even bother to look. Square enix supports ios with updated versions of their handhelds like secret of mana ff3 and chaos rings. Epic games pumps out what it can do with infinity blade. Then there real racing, world of goo, sonic cd, dark meadow, gta 3, monster hunters, tony hawk pro skater 2.

And litteralty dozens more. If you guys actaually got your heads out of your asses and saw some of these games then you would see there are core games on ios and android. However you guys just follow a hate fad because you actually believe that smartphones are a threat to anything.

Hufandpuf3552d ago

Who's surprised? More people own phones than consoles.

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