PlayStation Vita's Five Most Graphically Intense Games

Chris Buffa (Modojo): It's no secret that Sony has a beast of a machine in PlayStation Vita. The system is just a couple steps below PlayStation 3 in terms of horsepower, allowing developers to create graphics the likes of which we've never experienced on a handheld device.

With this in mind, and because the portable's February 22 U.S. release draws near, we chose the five best-looking games for the platform so far.

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miyamoto2933d ago

Oh no its Chris "Anti-PlayStation iTroll" Buffa!

Don't give him clicks, boys

MasterCornholio2933d ago

Well it wasn't called an NGP for no reason.


Bach2933d ago

Should have been called the NFGP... "Nice [email protected]#%$'n Game Piece".

Buff10442933d ago

Was tough not putting FIFA on this list. It's also quite stunning.

ninjahunter2933d ago

Lol, wipeout....
Other than that, agreeable.

Ddouble2933d ago

Lot of people have been saying Virtua Tennis looks very good. Fifa and Ninja Gaiden look good too.

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