How much should you pay for these top-rated Xbox 360 games?

Consensus when it comes to game prices? Don't make us laugh. You might as well herd stoned bees with a litter of maddened cats. Consumers and publishers are fiercely divided over what constitutes a fair figure, every Xbox Live Marketplace update adding a fresh spin to the storm of debate.

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X_GAMER_X3551d ago

How much SHOULD I pay you to make you journalists stop writing these articles?

gamingdroid3550d ago

The cheapest is to not read them and vote them down.

That said, this is a poll, not really an opinion piece....

jthamind3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

i wouldn't pay anything for most of those, because i'd get them on PC instead. lol.

BraveToaster3550d ago

inb4 hurrr durr filthy pirate scum hurrr

jthamind3550d ago

lol. i just meant i wouldn't pay for their 360 counterparts. i'd pay for them on PC.

vortis3550d ago

Don't you mean gamers with a license to blog?

Journalists usually have an ounce of integrity...well, all the ones that aren't on Fox News.

Bundi3550d ago

How much should you be paid to not read them if you don't like them?

X_GAMER_X3550d ago

Oh God, I did not read them, Just the headline. And people like those spamming this site with these so called articles.

dirigiblebill3550d ago

What's your problem with the article, exactly?

Oh, and: about £18,000 a year.

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SKUD3550d ago

Games with DLC are costing about or over 100$ (US) after everything is said and done. Smarter shopping would be to wait till the games hit 30 dollars or lower. Invest the rest in all the DLC. Or wait till the full version is released on disc. There's little to no value buying games + DLC at full retail.

JohnApocalypse3550d ago

Other then Rayman, Fifa and Forza, I've played full price for all of them

2pacalypsenow3550d ago

$45 for skyrim and $1.50 for mw3

Bundi3550d ago

Fifa 12 should be DLC / expansion pack for Fifa 11.
Fifa 14 should be dlc for fifa 13 and so forth. $20 for expansions. $40 for main games.

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