Battlefield 3 Dev Further Details Incoming Weapon Attachment Changes

MP1st - Alan Kertz, Core Gamepley Designer on Battlefield 3, goes further in depth into weapon attachments and what the functions of different combinations will be once his changes take effect.

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suicidalblues3551d ago

Just fix the USAS/ frag combo and ill be happy. Its sad how many high rank players exploit this.

andreasx3551d ago

as long as they don't ruin anything i'm cool.

hiredhelp3551d ago

Not more weapons tweaks aarrggh.... There making the game worse cos select few have issues
All changes should be made by a poll vote cos of many ive spoke to not happy with many of he weapon tweaks.
There some good weapons that fire blanks cos of this constant tweaking.

finbars753551d ago

I agree with hiredhelp this is just asbsolute crap.Fix what really needs to be fixed and not what some whinny babies cry about.If you dont like it then go play COD but Dice needs to stop listening to people who have no clue about BF and thats why there are to many complaints.The things they ned to fix are voip, manage squads and hit detection with certan sight attachments.I dont see anything else wrong with the game other then that.

Detoxx3551d ago

Guys calm down.. The one talking is "Demize99", he is the weapon guy, not the audio or whatever guy.. The VOIP is already being worked on and DICE stated that it was top priorety.. And why bitch about gun balancing? Its a good thing you know

scrambles3551d ago

eh it could be but people have come to love their famas + suppressor + grip. sometimes its the people who wanted the irnv to stay the same which infact was at hack level of OP-ness. So people dont want their favorite gun getting nerfed but if they do it right guns will become more useful over range and be able to give more complex gameplay. They just have to do it right. Also the game wont be fully balanced til atleast next December, its how all of their games work.

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