5 Reasons Why SOPA Would Be Bad for Gamers

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"If you’re a gamer who keeps track of gaming current events at all, you’ve most likely heard about a recent bill being debated in the US Congress – HR 3261, better known to the general public as the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA. This bill, if it becomes law, would address the issue of piracy as it affects the content of the Internet, among other things. Because of its potential broad, sweeping impact, it has generated extreme controversy, especially in the game industry, as gaming has obviously become increasingly reliant upon the Internet. The three major console makers (Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo) no longer publicly support SOPA, although many major organizations in the game industry (such as the Entertainment Software Association) still support it."

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ATi_Elite3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

1. most pirating happens outside of the United States. The U.S. is not even in the top ten! Google it!

2. SOPA would not stop all the other countries from pirating so things really wouldn't change.

Perfect Example: If i buy Skyrim and crack it and load it to a server for everyone to download and that server sits in China, Russia, or France then there isn't one dam thing the U.S. can do except block Americans from viewing the site but AGAIN the United States is NOT even in the top ten of countries who pirate the most.

3. waste of congress time as laws are already in place for this and copyrighted material is removed daily.

4. i view this law and other laws such as the Patriot Act as ways for the government to take away American freedoms. Government just wants to be able to control what we see on the Internet just like how China censors the FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION!

5. they already know links, torrents, and Proxy Servers will be able to get around SOPA so again this just goes back to point #4 which is to control and censor free flowing information under the disguise of Piracy.

Censoring of the Internet, News channels that spend time on bull crap instead of reporting the news, newspapers who push a hidden agenda, only thing left is the burning of books.

we are living in dangerous times as Governments try to control free flowing information and Oakland, California shutting down Cellular Internet and Cell phones during "The B.A.R.T. Protest" is a serious issue that got swept under the rug by news outlets talking about Lindsey Lohan instead of our rights being violated.

ShoryukenII3553d ago

I am in Canada. How would SOPA affect me? :(

JaredH3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Any site that's dot-com, dot-org or dot-net is registered with a US domain company so even if a site owner is in another country it can be taken down for any type of infringement. Only dot-ca sites or other country's site domains aren't involved.

STONEY43552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

It's not just that. Literally the entire internet as we know it would be gone.

Forums, Youtube, Google, sites like this. If someone wants this site to go away, all they would have to do is post a link to some blocked website or a video with a copyrighted material somewhere in it, and N4G would come down. Bam, just like that. Plus the site owners would be responsible and go to jail. And since there is no real way to go through this entire website and search for everything to delete it, this site would probably be gone as soon as SOPA is passed. Along with multitudes of other websites.

"SOPA threatens to fundamentally change the way information is presented online by placing massive restrictions on user-generated content like posts to forums, video uploads, podcasts or images. In a nutshell, here’s what the law would do:

Assign liability to site owners for everything users post, without consideration for whether or not the user posted without permission. Site owners could face jail time or heavy fines, and DNS blacklisting.

It would require web services like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to monitor and aggressively filter everything all users upload.

It would deny site owners due process of law, by initiating a DNS blacklisting based solely on a good faith assertion by an individual copyright or intellectual property owner.

It would give the U.S. government the power to selectively censor the web using techniques similar to those used in China, Malaysia and Iran. The Great Firewall of China is an example of this type of embedded, infrastructural internet censorship.

As an example, imagine a user posts a video clip to the Tom’s Community of a step-by-step guide on how to set up water cooling on an overclocked i7 CPU. Playing in the background behind the voiceover is “Derezzed” by Daft Punk. The studio representing Daft Punk could issue a complaint, without being required to notify us or request a take-down. Tom’s Hardware would be liable and prosecuted solely on a good faith assertion of the copyright owner, without notification, with the site operators subject to possible jail time for not preventing the video from being posted."

Proxy3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

There's been some talk of an internet blackout. Just imagine if when you visited Facebook/Twitter/Etc all you could see was a page giving information about SOPA. For added bonus, they could use peoples location (it's in their profile) to say "Oh, and your senator is supporting SOPA and is up for re-election in 2012, hint hint."

Do that for a week or so, and you'll probably hear a few more people talking about it. Maybe more than a few?

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Kran3553d ago

Let me fix the title for you:

"5 Reasons Why SOPA Would Be Bad for the Internet"


"5 Reasons Why SOPA Would Be Bad for EVERYTHING"

:( I honestly think SOPA is the end of the internet. Think of how many sites would/could be shut down

h311rais3r3553d ago

YouTube would be shut down. An mod sites etc. I'm a film maker so I'd probably be sued

LaurenKB1233553d ago

I wonder what game companies stance on SOPA is?

Hufandpuf3553d ago

There are hundreds of lists for just that. They're hard to miss

PirateThom3553d ago

Most of them support it in one form or another, if not directly, through boards them are members of, like the ESA.

TABSF3553d ago

And there is probably 1000 for why its bad for freedom!!!

steve30x3553d ago

We would see good reviews only of games if Sopa was passed. If a developer does'nt like the review or score they can get that changed realfast.

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