Japan Weekly Chart Week Ending 01st Jan 2012

The week's top-selling games at retail ranked by unit sales

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NukaCola2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Clearly Monster Hunter on Vita will be a big deal and a boost for the system. Did wonders for the PSP and is now doing wonders for the 3DS.

Overall I got to say 3DS is really driving strong. I havent gotten Mario Kart yet but the new Mario 3D is bloody brilliant. And the 3D works extraordinarily good with it...well the extra depth setting is a bit sickening. I am still adjusting the settings and how I like it. After a while it still does get me a little dizzy.

Razongunz2938d ago

good sales nice to see the 3ds is doing well :) Vita..get ur ass moving :P can't w8 for feb 22nd!

Half-Mafia2938d ago

So the Vita drops from 72k to 41k and gets another long list of doomed articles. While the 3DS drops from 497k to 200k and the system gets '3DS still going strong' articles.


MasterCornholio2938d ago

And then people claim that Japan doesn't celebrate the holidays. It truly is interesting.