Skyward Sword is Motion Control Perfection

Kinect is enjoying a lot of buzz for its motion and voice interface, but the greatest example of motion control this generation belongs to Skyward Sword on Nintendo's under-powered Wii.

Swing that sword.

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pat_11_54353d ago

I'm a big fan of Skyward Sword's sword swinging WiiMote action, I've actually been pretty surprises by how accurate it is.

sarshelyam4353d ago

I would agree. Considering how give/take the Wii has been with software offerings being great, or simply crappy, Skyward Sword is a great example of how it works...

...but using items that require precision aiming, thus requiring re-centering your aim every 5 minutes or so, that is certainly a bullet-point to the techs pitfalls.

TheGrimReaper4353d ago

"...but using items that require precision aiming, thus requiring re-centering your aim every 5 minutes or so, that is certainly a bullet-point to the techs pitfalls."

Just what I've thought when I read "Motion Control Perfection" :)

sarshelyam4353d ago

Look, when it works...it works really well. Then when it wants to be finicky, it's a shining example of why the implementation is anything but perfect. Stating it as such "perfection" is simply false!

Venoxn4g4353d ago

it's really a motion game done right, some devs should learn from it

Rainstorm814353d ago

I hoping Sorcery can follow in its footsteps and be another core motion game done right

rexbolt4352d ago

i found the move to be ealy bad and akweed feeling

multipayer4353d ago

Shame that after they finally utilized wii motion perfectly, Nintendo decides "lets go with a touchpad controller nextgen"... They can easily squeeze a sequal or something out of this, I guess I'll go back and collect heart pieces for the next 10 years. Assuming it doesn't take longer for a game like this to ever be made again...

Machioto4353d ago

I thought the same,after Sony demonstrated ps move I felt that wand base motion could become just as natural as the joy pad.

dark-hollow4353d ago

wii u still support wiimotes you know...

sarshelyam4353d ago

It's hardly perfection. If it were, I wouldn't have to re-center every 5 minutes after using a key item that requires precision aiming.

LettingGo4353d ago


These people haven't played it yet!

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