SoulCalibur 5, Why You Should Be Excited For It

GamerFitNation's Rigo tells readers why he's excited for SoulCalibur 5.

"Big news to all you fighting game fans out there. It seems as if Namco Bandai is making yet another title to come out early this year! With the release of this new game, the franchise now holds 5 titles. The game was officially announced by Namco Bandai on May 11, 2011 at their Level Up press conference. This wasn't the first time fans got a glimpse of the game; the game’s teaser has been around as early as 2010. So far only 24 characters have been confirmed by Daishi Odashima, the games director. He also confirmed that the total number of characters will be 30. So there are still 6 more characters to be excited about.

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Tanir3548d ago

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo hyped for this game, me and my fiance cannot wait!!!! the create a character is the selling point for me always!

Rigogo3548d ago

Me too! Im really interested how thats gonna turn out.

Titanz3548d ago

Maximum innuendo potential from that title.

JellyJelly3548d ago

It's got more milk than a dairy farmer.

Blaine3548d ago

I only have so little time and money to devote to games. That's why, when I get burned once by a franchise, I won't buy the next installment like an idiot MW fanboy hoping it'll get better.

SCIV was a huge disappointment to me, so I'm not interested in V. Maybe a few months after release, if it still has a positive vibe, I'll look into it. But definitely not before that.

videoxgamexfanboy3548d ago

So you came into a SC thread to say your not interested in SC? And on top of that u even managed to involve COD? Only in n4g does this stupidity seem like the norm...

Blaine3548d ago

The article's title is "why you should be interested". I came in to say why I'm NOT interested. You'd have to be a complete fucking moron not to notice the relevance.

fredolopez3548d ago

Soul Calibur has always been a fun game for me, can't wait for 5!!

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