3DS Broke Monthly Sales Record in December

Nintendo 3DS broke Enterbrain's monthly sales record in December. According to Sankei News, the system sold 1,492,931 units over the month. This is the highest single month sales total since Enterbrain started tracking sales in 1997.

3DS has has claimed Enterbrain's top monthly sales spot for seven months running.

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LiamIRL823553d ago

The highest monthly since sales tracking began in 1997. Wow, go Nintendo!

Bundi3553d ago

Not bad for a once doomed console. Just goes to show that alot can happen when consumers tighten their belts and refuse to buy ridiculously expensive devices. Things like hefty price cuts and free games.
I'm looking at you Vita.

MmaFan-Qc3552d ago

wait, you think the vita is a "ridiculously expensive devices" ?!??


Sharingan_no_Kakashi3552d ago

Interesting. The vita has been declining in sales but it still sold just 474 units less than the Wii, DSi LL, X360, DSi, PS2, and DS Lite combined. Doomed indeed.

Very impressive for the 3ds. People were calling it doomed but they didn't know what they were talking about as per usual. When Vita succeeds I doubt they'll learn their lesson.

AdvanceWarsSgt3552d ago

The so-called experts never learn. You can bet that when the WiiU/PS4/Fusion don't sell particularly well at launch either, they will flood the internet with even more DOOM articles.

ronin4life3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

The vita better sell more than competing consoles with longer aged lifespans and deep market penetration, so that isn't much of an accomplishment (though all combined is slightly impressive, it isn't exactly extraordinary either as all these consoles have been in steady decline for various reasons anyway.).

GamersRulz3552d ago

Looks like smart phones didn't effect handhelds that much, at least in Japan.

clrlite3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

So 3DS is a big success just as many expected. I have been playing Chrono Trigger DS on mine and Super Mario 3D Land lately.

Also, I can't wait to pick up my Vita day one. If all these people/companies are so afraid of it, it must be really freaking amazing as well (hardcore gamers need dedicated portables).

MasterCornholio3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Oh yeah the Vita is one scary beast. With high tech hardware and a solid launch line up many gamers are afraid of it. Because the minute they buy it they will end up buying so many games for it that they will go broke.


Anyways about the 3DS.

I am pretty happy that Nintendo managed to turn the situation around with their portable. I would hate for either Sony or Nintendo to have a monopoly in the handheld market.

clrlite3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

haha, yeah.

I will be happy to see both the Vita and the 3DS succeeding. The continued success of dedicated gaming portables will be a big win for us hardcore gamers.

Also, the people who wrote all the doom articles will be eatingz their words.

actually, many of them already are.

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The story is too old to be commented.