Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition Hits This Month for $39.99

PS Blog: "I’m happy to announce Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition, a brand-new version of Gran Turismo 5 packed with even more features, functionality, and content. Here’s what you can expect to find inside when it rolls out to stores starting January 17th.

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Majin-vegeta3553d ago

Great timing i was just about to buy it off Amazon guess i'll pre order this now :D.

Prcko3553d ago

best racing simulator this gen!!!

ElliePage3553d ago

It's the only racing simulator this gen (sure, there is GT5 Prologue but technically it's still GT5).

SpecialK3553d ago

At the risk of a million disagrees, whilst i thought as a simulation GT5 beat forza 3, Forza 4 has really improved and has definitely stepped infront of GT5 from a simulation standpoint.

mugoldeneagle033553d ago

Arcade-like fun maybe, but simulation no.

There's a depth to GT5 that's hard to match, and while I'll agree that Forza was definitely way better than I expected this year it's still behind GT5 in terms of simulation imo

SpecialK3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

I don't know. I haven't played GT5 in a month or so but when I first played Forza 4 it just felt right, very different to Forza 3 and GT5.

The car actually felt like it had real weight and was connected to the road. GT5 definitely beat Forza 3 but I really think Forza 4 is slightly better.

Personally this gen at least I've found the Forza games more fun anyway. The driver ai is superb, some drivers screw up when you pressure them, and even try to fool you sometimes.

They've gone in different directions, GT5 is more about appreciation of the cars in themselves, whilst Forza is more of a homage to racing.

**On a side note, I wonder how many people putting disagrees have actually played both games ;), just a thought**

Gran Touring3552d ago

^^He's not trolling, at least not in the strictest sense, but giving his opinion. I disagree with it, and from the little I've played of Forza 4 this past month since I returned home, I'd say GT5 definitely has the greater physics model. This is coming based on my personal, yet limited experience in track racing (i've only been to a few tracks, including VIR and NJMP)

Real racing is difficult, requires high concentration and sharp reflexes, and is very dangerous. I've observed these qualities more in GT5 than in Forza 4. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying GT5 is as intense as or directly comparable to the real deal, but the experience it offers is more compelling and aggressive than that found in Forza 4.

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MaximusPrime3553d ago

"stepped infront of GT5"

? Lol

Inception3552d ago

Nice. Those update already included in the disk. Now i can buy it for my bro :)