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Karooo2934d ago

He will change Sony imo. He rocks.

LOGICWINS2934d ago

"He will change Sony imo. He rocks."

What did he say he was going change?

CynicalVision2934d ago

He didn't say anything but generally whenever a new person comes into power there are usually changes.

remanutd552934d ago

wasnt his idea to have a unified network between sony products ?

Optical_Matrix2934d ago

@remanutd55, I believe it was and you can see it happening between PS Vita and PS3. Expect them to go even further with it as Smartphones, Tablets and TV's improve over the next couple of years. Unified ecosystems are the best way to keep customers attached to your brand. It's working wonders for Apple.

specialguest2934d ago

He showed us how to attack the Giant Enemy Crab's weak point for massive damage.

That's good enough for me!

metsgaming2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

@remanutd55 yes Yoshida said Hirai was the one who made the new approach of not only having great hardware but great software to go with it. Thats why the vita is so easy to develop for and why they took dev input. Congratulations Kaz !

JBaby3432934d ago

Can I have his old job?

kaveti66162934d ago

Generally, when a new person comes to power he fires a bunch of the old leader's friends, hires and promotes his own friends, and then "streamlines" the company (lays off employees).

sikbeta2934d ago

Well, I hope he changes the way Sony do their s***, the other day I found an interview with Stringer in Beyond3D and it tells how he couldn't change anything as he was dismissed by engineers for being a "content guy" telling him that hardware is what Sony should focus more and content comes second, he also said that one of the more affected divisions was SCE as it was the more walled-off

Here it is:

There are so many opportunities that Sony wasted for years, I hope Kaz can make things work the best way possible, for the good of the thousands of persons working for Sony

Areeb112934d ago

Ridge racer..... Riiiiiiiiiiiiiidge RACAAAA!

finnhima2934d ago

Did you not see the part where he said "imo"?

Trebius2933d ago

sounds like Kaveti's personal experiences are troubling him ... hope you found another job bro.

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meetajhu2934d ago

He will make everything Ridge Racer!

MmaFan-Qc2933d ago

So.. he won season 3 of The Tester?

Bundi2934d ago

Thats what Howard Stringer said, and he did. . .for the worst. SONY has been swimming in the red for 4 years in a row.

NarooN2934d ago

What world have you been living in? Past four years have been pretty damn productive and successful for Sony.

Flavor2934d ago

Sony is in trouble.I can't see the logic in picking a guy who oversaw running the playstation brand into the ground in the Americas to head the company.

Jihaad_cpt2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

dude, Sony's problems are related to Americas crippling effect with their loose spending (economic 9-11) and the fact that almost every country and person has been effected, most Japanese tech companies are in the red.

death2smoochie2933d ago


Sony has been in Financial restructure 3 times since the 1990's and is in Financial restructure now.
Sony is not going anywhere and will come out of this and turn things around, but they are far from being "pretty damn productive and successful" right now.

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MWH2934d ago


let's just hope it's not a Tony Montana kind of change.

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Urrakia342934d ago

Lol such a funny moment. Gotta love Kaz!

Solid_Snake372934d ago

Gian Enemy Crab lmfao gotta love Kaz

Motorola2934d ago

Kaz didn't say Giant Enemy crab though

Solid_Snake372934d ago

@motorola i know sorry i got him mixed up with that other guy... ITS RIIIIIIIIDGE RAAACER if it makes you feel better

Unlimax2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )


SuperLupe2934d ago

The worst part is people actually went out to buy it especially since the games until 2 years down the road didnt justify a purchase.

I got my slimmer-cooler-more eco friendly-more reliable-bigger library of good games PS3 console for half the price.

Drekken2934d ago

I bought my PS3 to be my mediahub. The price was high, but it was a nice addition to my living room that I NEVER regretted buying.

And SuperLupe, I played the crap out of Warhawk and other games on release. The lineup wasn't as good as it should have been, but there were games to play that were pure fun.

Majin-vegeta2934d ago


*The worst part is people actually went out to buy it especially since the games until 2 years down the road didnt justify a purchase.

I'm sick of people saying the $599 price was not adjustable at the time.Please the blu ray option alone was worth more than enough to purchase how much were blu ray players when they came out??Thought so do your research and them maybe you won't seem like a fool online *Facepalm*.

@Drekken well said man here's a bub.

SoapShoes2934d ago

@SuperLupe - And people who get their first PS3 3 years from now will likely get it for half of what you did! Heck you can go buy a PS1 and brag about how it's cheaper than when it first came out!

InactiveUser2934d ago

With all the time I put into Resistance: Fall of Man, it justified the purchase alone and was available Day 1.

Also, what Makin said. A standalone Blu-ray player alone at the time was ~$1000. And waiting 3 long years to save $300 isn't too great of an argument.

sikbeta2934d ago


You know, IF people weren't buying that expensive FAT PS3, improvements could never be made and by that you could not have that Slim you enjoy, it's how it works with every piece of hardware

BiggsnWedge2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

in 5 years paying for the xbox360 online that would be $250

Kewl_Kat2934d ago


Why are you bashing the earlier ps3 models and the people who bought it? They wanted to buy one, and so they did. They're partly the reason why today's slim ps3 cost much less. Imagine if only a few bought the ps3 during its earlier years, Sony could have likely scrapped the entire ps3 division for low sales. Also, early adopters went through more issues, glitches, lags, and updates just so present buyers like you can enjoy the ps3 with less hassles.

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gamingisnotacrime2934d ago

Nice now we may see some common sense out of this crazy compqny. Justmake the ps brand its flagshipand develop tvs etc that share some ps functions

Fishy Fingers2934d ago

My favourite part of the article was.. "長にとどまり、引き続き最"