Ah Geez, Europe Gets All The Cool Stuff

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Up until recently, I've never been jealous of Europe when it comes to video games. Sight seeing? Sure. Health care? OK, but never games. The Euros have mostly played second fiddle to the U.S. Late releases? PAL? What's to like?

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resistance1002933d ago

Bit of a nothing story since we've always had games come out before the US and vice versa.

Buff10442933d ago

Perhaps, but this is the first time we actually care. ;)

Tuxedo_Mask2932d ago

NoA really needs to get their act together.

hazelamy2932d ago

it's nice to get stuff first for a change. ^_^

but seriously, i agree, we should get the same content at the same time.