Korea’s young gamers play all night, despite new law

One month in, a new Korean law banning young gamers from online games during late-night hours is “nothing but nominal,” concluded a panel convened by Korean game news site ThisIsGame.

One young Korean pointed out that the law has many workarounds and therefore ineffective. Players can either log in as their parents and continue to play late at night, or they can resort to other games unaffected by the system such as console and mobile games.

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ATi_Elite3553d ago

In America we have a Drug problem!

In Korea they have a gaming problem!

many Koreans are so hooked on gaming that they even have Gaming Anonymous like how we have A.A. or N.A. for Drugs and Alcohol.

at first is sounds funny but it's a serious issue as Gaming Addiction is so rampant in Korea that it has slowed down the countries productivity and Education in some aspects which is why the Government is trying to get a handle on the situation.

Young Korean women and men providing sexual favors in return for 20 minutes of Starcraft 2 game time is horrible......they should at least get an hour but hey their desperate.

ChrisW3552d ago

Very true. Korea is a rather odd country. Everything there is almost a cult of personality, much like N. Korea. The only thing that separates S. Korea from N. Korea is a line and a form of government. Other than that, they are mentally the same. And it is quite odd.

chad22hkd3552d ago

The amount of stupid and racist comments here are amazing, about a different culture than any of you understand. I have taught people about south korea before, i guess i will have to again. Number one Koreans in the south are not "cult like" thats are huge cruel and racist thing to say. They are just normal like you and me but probably like rice more than you do. But in South Korea gaming is a real sport! You can actually get very rich playing games in South Korea, and just like you go to the park to play your friends in football. They go to a PC bang or arcade to battle each other in Tekken or Starcraft. Shewww people please don't be ignorant and close minded.

madjedi3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )


Misinformed and stupid borderline but racist comments hardly, ask your average north or south korean about americans. Then see if the answers aren't also stereotyped and full of generalisations like these are, i would be amazed if they weren't.

And sorry but not every topic of discussion is worthy of research to every individual why i view the term ignorant as played out, korean politics and/or culture are boring to me. As are most cultures.

Now you have anything tech related regardless of nation, and i am all ears.

Let me bring up a random culture in a topic and see how quickly, your called ignorant for offending someone for being ignorant on a less than interesting to you topic.

Every culture's citizens does the same thing spout uninformed stereotypes and generalisations about other cultures so stop crying about it. And remember not every topic that is important to you, is relevant to others.

@article People are going to do whatever they want to even if, the government wants to play the parent.

ChrisW3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Maybe what I said was a bit bias... But I feel I have a touch of validity behind my comment. If you're interested, look up the Dokdo/Takeshima Territory Dispute. Pay special attention to how the Koreans protest against Japan's claim to the islands. To this date, the Koreans use everything from beating Japanese effigies, self-mutilation, to suicide in protest. The Japanese citizens... don't really care nor protest against it. Only people with special monetary interests in it are concerned about it.

BTW, you say that you've taught people about S. Korea? Then I'm taking it that you've lived there for a lengthy period of time? If so, then you'll already have a preconceived opinion about Japanese/Korean relations... and I will fully understand why you feel so.

FlashXIII3552d ago

Good, another failed attempt at big brother trying to control people. Who the fuck are the government to tell kids when they can or can't game anyway? Even if gaming has become a problem in Korea, retarded laws like this isn't the solution.

hellvaguy3552d ago

If the gaming behavior gets so extreme as to negatively affect society similiar to drugs, I could see why Korea wants to regulate game time for irresponsible parents not taking proper care of thier kids.

shayol33t3552d ago

It always comes down the to the Government trying to parent for poor parents. This is never a solution. Force parents into pareting classes, I mean heck we educate ourselves in everything else, why not for something that actually MATTERS.

hellvaguy3552d ago

If they are bad parents to begin with, they sure wont go to parenting school. So thats not even a realistic or even an enforceable solution. In reality, kids still in school have no reason to be online from midnight to 6 am on a school night. Dont confuse yourself here either about big brother and loss of freedoms because thier are already plenty to protect minor and the world hasnt suddenly stopped rotating (aka underage drinking, smoking, etc).

rizzo-rizzo3552d ago

You can't stop the Zerg Rush.

goldwyncq3552d ago

Starcraft II = Korea

Skyrim = America

SteamFrostedEgg3552d ago

If it wasn't for Starcraft 2, the Koreans would still be playing Chess.