IGN: The State of Play in 2012

Keza MacDonald IGN:

"Where games are now, and where they need to go.

In 2009, Keza MacDonald's two favourite games of the year were Demon's Souls and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. At the time, Keza thought you couldn't find two games more opposite in ethos. Demon's Souls is brutal, unforgiving, sadistic and unremittingly dark. Zelda: Spirit Tracks is lovely and bright and playful and non-threatening. Last year, though, it happened again: Keza's two favourite games of the year were Dark Souls and Skyward Sword. Dark Souls nearly gave Keza a mental breakdown; Skyward Sword was the soothing salve that restored Keza's equilibrium."

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C_Menz3548d ago

This article does have some good points as to how gaming has progressed and in a way has become less about games and more about being a "movie".

I love games like Uncharted 3 but at the same time I don't consider them "games" in a way since i enjoy the cut-scenes more than game play most of the time. On the other hand a game like Skyrim I love since it is a "real" game and focuses more on game play than story imo.