Angry Birds Fever

Angry Birds is the most likely candidate for dethroning Namco’s 30-year-old Pac-Man mascot as the most identifiable game and character. On Christmas Day alone, the game was downloaded six and a half million times.

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forcefullpower2938d ago

Have you tried using pacman on touch screen phone. need i say more.

_Aarix_2938d ago

Yea and it works just fine, whats your point.

JohnnyMann4202938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

It actually does work fine. PacMan DX is sweet on my phone.

Either way I thought Mario dethroned PacMan a Loooong time ago as the most identifiable.

Oldman1002938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

I think this game has undeserving popularity. Angry Birds is pretty much a more colorful, visually appealing ripoff of the flash games Castle Clout and Crush the Castle. Popular games such as Pac-Man or Mario at least had originality.

kneon2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

It's not even a good game. It's a game designed to limit how much skill can affect the outcome of the game. The effect your shots have are far too random.

Making the exact same shot over and over can have wildly different outcomes, so even when you know what needs to be done you just need to keep trying until it finally succeeds. Try it your self, use the bomb or balloon birds, on some levels you can fire them so that they roll to the same position every time before exploding/inflating, that way you know it's the same each time.

It's about as much of game as a slot machine

GribbleGrunger2938d ago

if this is the future R.I.P

life calls me

bergoo2938d ago

I play'd angry birds for the first time last week while i was bored at some family dinner. I got bored of playing it after 10 mins.

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