Square Enix Announced New Game Scarygirl For PS3 and Xbox

"Scarygirl, a new action-platform game based on Nathan Jurevicius developed by TikGames, is coming to Playstation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade"

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guitarded773548d ago

I like the art style and I'm always down for a platformer... I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

Jobesy3548d ago

Looks fun, I hope it's priced right.

panbit863548d ago

Dear Square Enix wtf is going on with you?!

NYC_Gamer3548d ago

the game might be fun based on that little bit of gameplay

Kur03548d ago

They are a big publisher now.

Kennytaur3548d ago

I have played the Minis version, it must have done well since it's getting a proper remake like this.

Nakiro3548d ago

I like the art style to a degree, just wish the gameplay was faster. I feel like all the recent 2.5D platformers are just slow. Perhaps it just looks that way from the trailer.
Always good to see more platformers though.

NukaCola3548d ago

You need a perfect platformer, I recommend Rayman Origins. It's flawless in every aspect.

Nakiro3548d ago

Waiting for Vita to play that one!

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