Why the Wi-Fi PS Vita Dominates Over the 3G

Denkiphile:"With the launch of the Playstation Vita only a little more than a month away, it seems like the prime time to talk about the system. After it had launched in Japan to abysmal figures that were dwarfed by the 3DS’s growing sales, most experts predicted an early price drop like Nintendo did for its portable or even the possibility of a cancelled North American launch. But we’re not here to talk about that. No, I personally have faith in the PSV. Just not the 3G model."

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Optical_Matrix3552d ago

Cheaper price and you can do everything the 3G version does if your smartphone supports tethering

Wintersun6163552d ago

Exactly. I have a decent mobile "broadband" network on my SGS2 and I can just create a hotspot and use that on a wifi model. Saving money when I buy Vita and over time because there won't be any additional contract bills.

princejb1343551d ago

3g is pointless in the Unite States Why? cause the internet provider they providing is ATNT
the max 2 Gig of data that they provide is no where near enough for online gaming

Bundi3552d ago

It isn't a useless SKU.

DigitalAnalog3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

But the 3G version was probably a move after the poor reception by the PSPGo. My guess is that they were trying to ensure customers that the VITA was ready to be a fully-online integrated anytime/anywhere.

However, they didn't exactly prove WHY they needed the 3G service. My guess is that it acts as a buffer point to only gain customer awareness.

death2smoochie3551d ago

"Why the Wi-Fi PS Vita Dominates Over the 3G"

Because it will be cheaper.

fluffydelusions3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Not necessarily. I think it's more to do with the fact that you cannot really do anything on the 3g (e.g. play games online) apart from social aspects.

Titanz3551d ago

I guess they thought it would've resembled Kindle's free 3G service, which would have been worth the extra price.

-Alpha3551d ago

Isn't the problem just the provider (AT&T?)

I recall many groans when Sony announced AT&T as an exclusive provider.

sloth33953551d ago

yeah but if they went with verizon then people would complain since it does cost more for a data plan with them

tarbis3551d ago

I did groan too, even though I'm not from the U.S.
Best Sony make the 3G sku open line. They'll sure to sell.

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The story is too old to be commented.