The Evolution of the Xbox 360 Dashboard

Over the years, the Xbox 360 has seen a few revamps for their dashboard. Here's a look at how much has changed over the six years.

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gamingdroid3544d ago

It really is amazing how MS transformed the dash from the old (and aged) blades to what we have now. The new dash is by far the best one I have used.

All the new features and apps, wasn't something I expected when I jumped on the Xbox 360 platform way back when.

TheFreak3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Yes the new dash is definitely an improvement. Now it's much easier to navigate and find things.

ElliePage3544d ago

It didn't evolve at all. It only got worse over time. The first dashboard with the blades was the best one as it was easy & quick to navigate and you had 1 ad tops (which at the time was usually for games or game events like playing the mystery gamer). Now it's hard to find anything but ads on the thing.

darthv723543d ago

you can only find ads now on the dash?

Well maybe thats true to a point. I find ads for movies and tv shows on sale and games on sale or new demos available.

Even the doritos superbowl promo is worth checking out.

DeathAvengers3543d ago

The ads of things unrelated to xbox are in a tiny box to the bottom right of the screen, seriously stop crying...

Hufandpuf3544d ago

A LOT of people still prefer the blade dashboard IDK why. I preferably liked the one before our current one.

iamgoatman3544d ago

Same here, preferred the last dash over the current one. As someone who rarely connects to Live, the new dash just wastes so much space. When offline the main panel is mostly a giant 'connect to xbox live' button, with the rest of the space taken up by network troubleshooting and a beginners set up. An ability to customise the layout of the dash would be greatly appreciated, but customisation has never been MS' style.

frankiebeans3544d ago

I like the blades the best.

Mikeyy3544d ago

The New dash is a semi-ripoff of XMB.

IRetrouk3544d ago

i thought that when i started using it, the old blades were the best, they were simple and easy to use, the new dash just looks confused.

Mikeyy3540d ago

I got 9 dissagrees? are you guys serious? Look at the words across the top of your Dashboard. listed in a row from left to right, this is a rip off of XMB.

Facts are facts.