How good at gaming are you - Something for the weekend 1

What kind of gamer are you, casual, hardcore, dedicated or you just like particular games? Are your gaming hours spent buried into multiplayer gaming where the single player portion is ignored, or are you someone who plays everything available on the discs you buy? Either way, here are some challenging suggestions for what you can try during the weekend.

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bunt-custardly3553d ago

MW3 done and dusted already. Got Saints Third but yet to play it :(

Captain Qwark 93553d ago

how good at games am i???? GOD himself wouldn't challenge me to a pokemon duel!

brish3553d ago

Challenge: Complete Dark Souls

RaidensRising3553d ago

Challenge: Complete Dark Souls without cussing!


BiggCMan3553d ago

Challenge: Platinum Dark Souls without cussing!!

Fixed again!

Captain Qwark 93553d ago

first Easy challenge, second best game ever, third difficulty vastly over-rated. hardly as difficult as the Internet would lead you to believe ( except speedy and fatty, def one of the hardest boss fights ever )

brish3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

If you're really up for a challenge try finishing Dark Souls naked (wearing no armor) and stay at soul level 1.

It is possible believe it or not!

Go to youtube and search for this:
dark souls sl1

Be forewarned, your belief that you know how to play games will be shattered if watch some of the youtube videos!

Another challenge is try to finish Dark Souls in less than 2 hours.

Google dark souls speed run to see it done.