MediaKick: 12 Days Of Christmas: Games For Two

Two player co-operative titles seem to have fallen out of favour with developers recently but that doesn’t mean they’re poor game modes. In fact, we at MediaKick believe they’re better than gaming’s must have feature, online multiplayer. We love being able to play with a friend through a game’s campaign or play in your own FIFA tournament with a group of mates.

Whatever you’re game of choice is, local play leaves behind great stories whether they are from scoring a header from thirty yards or bagging yourself a headshot from the other side of a map. With the advance of online features within games though, has seen an increase in co-operative modes played across the net. Either way, those stories are unforgettable to the beneficiary and Davs has his own lengthy tale from THQ’s Saints Row: The Third.

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MurDocINC3552d ago

Saints row third indeed is great for 2 buddy coop. Big open world with lots of stuff to do and almost all of it can be done with your buddy! I got 18+ hours with my buddy and we only 37% done!