What we want from the Xbox 720, PS4 and Wii U

The rumour mill has been grinding for well over half a year, and it now seems all but inevitable that the next generation of consoles will dominate this year's E3. This being the case, has drawn up wishlists for the features they want in the next offerings from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

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versusALL3551d ago

I don't want them to come anythime soon.

dark-hollow3551d ago

I want them to come sooner than later.
At this late stage of this generation, only a few would bother making new IPs.

A new generation also means new games.

Rush3551d ago

Because you cant afford them?

Or because your pretending hardware featuring 512MB of ram is still going to be relevant in 2/3 years time?

Only console gamers can spout this type of nonsense because there completely ignorant to how far consoles are now behind PC's graphically...

SuperSaiyan43551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Because even with inferior technology to the latest gaming PC Crysis 1 on the Xbox 360 somehow looks far better than a PC with everything maxed out and tons of hardware thrown in *rolls eyes* interesting dont you think? *Munches popcorn*

Also there isnt that much of a huge jump from consoles graphics to PC's I own a very good gaming rig overclocked as well and personally it doesnt offer a huge night and day difference.

Look at Skyrim for example sure PC has mods but without this Skyrim doesnt look that much better to warrant a gaming PC that is over 3 times in price to a console which can be purchased for around £200 now.

Lastly look at the PS Vita finally we have console graphics on a handheld...No such thing as a portable PC handheld gaming system and I dont mean stupid ipads and android tablets.

Also consoles games offer far more gaming entertainment than PC's.

PirateThom3551d ago

No gimmicks, just games and applicable entertainment services.

Studio-YaMi3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I would call the playstation move & the xbox kinect gimmicks but as far as touch controls like what we've seen with the PS Vita I wouldn't call touch controls a gimmick tbh,touch controls have proven that it's much more easier and faster to work with than regular controls (for apps,browsing at least & some games that don't require complicated controls such as angry birds or cut the rope or the upcoming spider game for the PS Vita).

We can't deny that touch controls are here to stay and I for one welcome it as long as it's used wisely and not forced onto any type of game,that's why many of the apple store games don't have smooth controls because some games can use touch controls perfectly but other games still needs physical controls to have better overall-controlling.

theeg3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

i wanted them in 2010!

1280x720p (or much less in many current console games) is ANCIENT, heck, 1920x1080p is almost starting to get old to me, lately i have been playing many games in 2560x1600p.

the jaggies on ps3 and 360 are getting worse and worse as devs try to put more stuff into the gameworld, and the resolutions are going down in many cases, resistance 3 was 960x680, and it showed. uncharted 3 was very jaggie compared to uncharted 2 (i think the 3d implementation did not help)

anyway, we have seen the best of what these consoles can offer graphically for a few years now, imo, nothing on console has surpassed uncharted 2 and god of war 3.

and now we are pretty much seeing sequel after sequel

it's time to move on!

bwazy3551d ago

Holy ****ing **** I hope they don't name the next gen Xbox the ****ing Xbox 720.

clrlite3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Low development costs so that we see lots of creative, amazing games.

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