XCOM: Enemy Unknown move aside; Xenonauts is a true XCOM remake that is slated for release this year

DSOGaming writes: "Okay, I can see a lot of X-Com fans, jumping around like little boys after hearing that Firaxis is working on an X-Com strategy game. But did you know that an indie game is in development for quite some time? An indie game that promises to be a true remake of X-Com? And given its indie nature, we know for a fact that it won’t get dumbed down. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Xenonauts; the true X-Com remake that is slated for release this year on the PC."

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john23552d ago

Gotta love indie developers

ninjaman9993552d ago

believe me dude, I pre-ordered Xenonauts and love what they have done so far but if any of you have ever played SIlent Storm 2, you would have an idea of what Enemy Unknown will be like since it also has X-com style gameplay...with destructable covor, shooting through walls depending on matrial and yatta yatta. THAT is what I would love to see :)

EvilDonkey3552d ago

They never made a Silent Storm 2. They made Silent Storm aka S2.

Its still a super cool game. Just takes a lot of time to get working on Win7x64 :(

But damn I am looking forward to the new XCOM TB game.

s45gr323552d ago

hmmmm here is another indie game on my radar

AllroundGamer3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

yes yes yeeeeeeees!

Tony P3552d ago

It is likely the most faithful of the two, but hey, give Firaxis a chance to make something good.

It's an incredible turn of events to have a truer XCOM come out alongside the bastardized, for-the-masses FPS version.

If they get it right, I for one hope it's a trend other big publishers will adopt.