OXM US's Final Fantasy XIII-2 review - 'It repairs almost every problem'

The first Final Fantasy XIII-2 review has arrived in the pages of Official Xbox Magazine US, which is with subscribers today.

And it's early good news for RPG fans: OXM lamps a 9.0 on the Square Enix follow-up, claiming it "fixes pretty much every point of contention" from the original game.

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SuperSaiyan43551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Damn in that case its obvious OXM got a LARGE goody bag...Since the game hasnt done that well in Japan along with lots of people trading it in I think Square Enix are getting extremely desperate to stop the game from launching as a bargain bin priced title over in US/Europe.

This game will be worth £29.99 over in the UK but I am willing to bet retailers will take full advantage and sell for £39.99 instead.

EDIT: I am NOT a hater, I WILL be buying this game as I did the previous one AND got the collectors edition strategy guide first version!

Optical_Matrix3551d ago

The game got a 40/40 in Famitsu. I'm certain it's going to be a great game. Problem is that Final Fantasy XIII-2 damaged the brand far too much and to boot, Square Enix has churned out a sequel before even finishing Versus XIII which is an utter disgrace. Which leads me to believe this has resulted in a consumer backlash in Japan.

Tanir3551d ago

super sayian4 you regular ff13 hater.

Tell me, how can a game be crap if what almost everything everyone complained about got fixed? Honestly people are hating the game just to hate it.

Makes noooo sense, and normally the haters are the first to comment aswell, its annoying as hell.

fallingdove3551d ago

I AM a hater. ffXIII was awful.

I am surprised by some of these early reviews as well as the media coverage thus far. The common statement has been that XIII-2 fixes all the problems of XIII. This is not only 'not the case' but XIII-2 has its own share of problems on top of XIIIs.

- Only 2 playable characters
- Towns have few buildings that you can enter.
- Poor design choices
- Stupid puzzles - Archaic in design circa 1992 (specifically the clock puzzle)
- Zero difficulty

I bought into the XIII-2 is the fixed XIII and imported the game. What a terrible decision I made. XIII-2 is a better game than XIII but only slightly.

hay3551d ago

@fallingdove: Omega DLC...

fallingdove3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I downloaded the Omega DLC, but after playing the cake of a game, what is the point. I surely don't want an overpowered monster party member to fight alongside me in an already way too easy game.

DatNJDom813551d ago Show
RedDead3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I was waiting for this, hypocritical review sites, they can't say FFXiii-2 'fixed anything' if they thought the first one was 9/10. Just a big joke.

Kos-Mos3551d ago

You`re full of rubbish.

miyamoto3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Final Fantasy should have never been on XBox. Period.
A 40/40 Famitsu perfect game underwhelming in Japan tells so much about how Japanese tell Squeenix where to stick it!

SkyGamer3550d ago

It shouldn't have been on playstation either. See how easy that was?! When it went on playstation is when they concentrated on graphics as majority. Then all these games that came after, especially this gen has been about graphics. Except for one: Earth Defense Force 2017 for Xbox 360. Graphics were polished Xbox 1 graphics but dang is that game fun!

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NiceGuy1923551d ago

I wonder if they fixed the bland, emo, naïve and childish characters.

Jinxstar3551d ago

If they did that it wouldn't be a JRPG...

Simon_Brezhnev3551d ago

Jinxstar i guess you never played Valkyria Chronicles or Folklore.

sikbeta3551d ago

Hmmm... that comes with the franchise...

RememberThe3573551d ago

LOL at Jinxstar, no one can take a joke. Your right thought JRPGs are way too much reliant on "bland, emo, naïve and childish characters." VC and Folklore are the exceptions.

nolifeking3551d ago

I know right. Zenogears, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Legend of Dragoon, FF I, II, III, IV, V, VI, IX, XII, Grandia, Resonance of Fate and Digaea. All exceptions to some fake rule.

Kos-Mos3551d ago Show
Jazz41083551d ago

Honestly I think the ps3 and its ram issues are holding this game back. Even skyrim plays 90 percent better on the 360. If ff was a 360 exclusive it wouldn't be so linear.

Trebius3550d ago

lol Jazz. Ultimate retard comment of the year goes to you. Dont worry theres still 11 and a half months to go for your dunce cap to be passed to someone else...thers hope.

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Ranma13551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

This game has got mainly negative reviews from 2ch, twitter and other japanese boards (it got 6/10 on amazon jp users, lowest for an FF game):

Heres what japanese people who played it said:

-The towns are joke. You basically cant enter any house and theres hardly any NPCs in them

-The story is terrible, as bad as the 3rd birthdays

-No its not linear but once again there is really only one big massive roam area (archlytte steppe)

-Some people have conflicting views on the rap tracks

-The levelling up is worse than the crystarium, some bonuses are cool but its based a lot on chance so it can get annoying

-The dialogue is ATROCIOUS

-The monsters being in the battle system is actually pretty brilliant. The sheer versatlity has improved by a lot

-The QTEs are more like limit breaks than anything else which is good and most of them look epic

-Soundtrack is good.

-The Red chocobo story quest is wayy more epic than the actual games story


Catoplepas3551d ago

A bunch of arbitrary message boards and tinpot blog sites do not constitute reliable sources.

PshycoNinja3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

But the Official Xbox Magazine is? Lol.

Edit: so you believe that a bunch of japanese consumers who bought and played XIII-2 are less creditable than a magazine that square can easily influnce. I would rather believe a group of people who love the final fantasy series rather than one person from a magazine.

Catoplepas3551d ago


Well certainly more so than 2ch and twitter yes.

If you disagree with that then there really is no hope for you.

Pozzle3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

"-The towns are joke. You basically cant enter any house and theres hardly any NPCs in them"

Dammit! That's the main reason I love towns in JRPGs. I want to rummage through people's houses and talk to random NPCs as they go about their lives. :(

"-The story is terrible, as bad as the 3rd birthdays"

Oh gosh, I hope not. The Third Birthday's story was an complete and utter bastardization of the previous Parasite Eve games.

sirdrake3551d ago

maybe i am wrong, but you couldn't enter that many buildings in previous 3d FF outings.

Could you?

Megaman_nerd3551d ago

On FFX there weren't many places to enter, the game was almost as linear as FFXIII but FFXII was pretty big.

Pozzle3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

"maybe i am wrong, but you couldn't enter that many buildings in previous 3d FF outings."

You generally could enter most houses, stores and buildings in each town...even if they weren't all that relevant to the game. I remember FFVII and FFVIII were especially good with this. You could walk into practically any house and wander through the rooms, talk to the (sometimes angry) people inside, steal treasures and gil, sleep on the beds, etc.

It's small things like that which make the games feel more 'alive'. Small things like that make it feel like the world is an actual real place filled with actual real people.

baodeus3551d ago

hum i remember u can enter shops/inn but i don't remember if you can enter that many houses in FF games, well at least not to the extent of game like Skyrim/Fable

radphil3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )


You didn't realize that was a troll post right?

That has been cut and paste since Dec.

People kept posting this same crap to incite arguments.

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TheTwelve3551d ago

No buy. May this horrible time in FF history pass us by....


Zezo3551d ago

I used to adore final fantasy franchise. Then Lightning kicked me in the knee, OMG I could do this all day

fallingdove3551d ago

I have grown to hate the Skyrim meme. So horrible, but well done.

SpaceGhost3550d ago

I see what you did their

Gamer19823551d ago

360 version has framerate issues?? Like they didn't bother enough with the original on 360 they made it even worse on the sequel. Why even bother? Oh wait.. Sad people will actually buy on 360..

JoelEH3551d ago

Yes, If you have 1 console you buy it in 1 console, does not mean they are sad. I have both so yes I would buy it on PS3. But Always with the stupid fanboyish remarks! Jesus Christ thank god your down to 3 bubbles and soon down to 1.

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schlanz3551d ago

I'll believe it when I see it

wicko3551d ago

Except gameplay and mature/likeable characters right?

BldyShdw3551d ago

I can see how they might not be likable but how are they not mature? Trying to save her sister is immature?

Megaman_nerd3551d ago

what does maturity has do with the desire of trying to save a loved one?

The only mature character of the main cast was Fang and I didn't even like her that much. All the others, specially Snow and Vanille were like little kids with their constant whining and hero talks. How is someone like Snow the leader of a resistance is only possible in the nonsensical world of FFXIII if you ask me.

BldyShdw3551d ago

So snow was childish because he wanted to protect people from what was essentially genocide? A mature adult would have what? looked the other way? Okay :)

vortis3551d ago

Dude, really, causality does not equate to maturity. They're two completely different things, even when applied to fictional story arcs.

George W. Bush was the United States President, but that did not make him mature. He almost died on a pretzel for crying out loud.

Catoplepas3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

So universally positive reviews so far? Good.

No doubt certain people will still piss, whine and moan...

Edit - Ah I spoke too soon.

helghast1023551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Never underestimate the ignorant.
They're always the ones whose opinions get heard, and it's never for the right reasons.

Ranma13551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

FF13-2 has 419 user reviews on amazon jp:

Average=3/5 stars
5* ratings=95
4* ratings=66
3* ratings=75
2* ratings=80
1* RATINGS=103

One of the lowest ever ratings for an FF game on amazon jp. Even gundam on ps3 got 3.5/5 stars there, and ff7 got 4.5/5 stars.

Catoplepas3551d ago

I think we need look no further than Metacritic to witness the legitimacy to user reviews.

Keep on scouring the net for negativity though. I'm rooting for ya!

sirdrake3551d ago

Agree with catoplepas, i bet most of those 1s are people who just want to hate the game and havnt touched it.

Metacritic is the perfect example.

iamtehpwn3551d ago

dude. Have you ever seen Metacritic user scores? The only scores that people who hate this game are pulling out are some illegitimate "Japanese fan reviews"

Capt-FuzzyPants3551d ago

Some people will only review things by giving a 1 or a 5. If they only kinda liked they'll give it a 1 because it's not perfect. Still a decent score though.

havblue3550d ago

On Metacritic you can spout off a two sentence blurb about Dragon Age II without actually playing it or explaining your reasoning and that's all that's expected. On Amazon people will excoriate you if you haven't played the game, seen the movie etc.

Even if you pull out a bunch of the 1 star reviewers as just being haters it doesn't explain all the mediocre ones: the 2's and 3's. To add, the featured reviews appear to be negative as well. Of course there is a YMMV effect with anything, some people like it at least, but I think this is troubling enough to hold off on the game. At least I will.

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vortis3551d ago

To be fair, the only time major sites diss on a game is when it's not hailed as the second coming.

It was "cool" for sites to diss on Duke Nukem Forever because the development cycle was a joke in itself and the low scores actually fuelled publicity.

But for every other "AAA" game out there it's next to nigh impossible for them to turn up with low-scores, otherwise someone gets fired for doing their job *cough*Gertsmann*cough*.

SpaceGhost3550d ago

@vortis yup, and no matter what anyone says on this board people are either A) going to defend the game untill it comes out and still love it even if they hate it or B) hate it no matter what and even if they do enjoy playing the game are still going to hate it. Granted thier are a few people on these boards who have not seen any gameplay or know next to nothing about the game who are still in the dark.

Drekken3551d ago

So anyone who paid for the first should get this one at a steep discount to show how much you care about the customer - Right Wada?