Bioshock Heading to PS Vita With a “Possible” 2012 Release Date

If you are a Bioshock series fan, you may have heard that a new Bioshock game is being developed for the PS Vita that aims to be an entire new story in the franchise. However, the actual release date is still up in the air and the details regarding what to expect from the title have been murky.

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Optical_Matrix3548d ago

What is the point of this article? Gives us nothing we didn't know 7 months ago.

J5Feedback3548d ago

Also trying to figure this out. Nothing new. Fuuuuuck, I really want to know more about this project.

MasterCornholio3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Maybe at CES they will release more info on the game with a possible late 2012 release date.

They did say that it was going to be an exclusive new title for the Vita which is why I am so interested in it.


xtremexx3548d ago

hopefully, thats where they will reveal some more games.

xtremexx3548d ago

Seriously i dont know why the PS Vita is selling so badly, as soon as it comes to the us and the uk i bet its going to be amazing.

Ares84HU3548d ago

Last time I heard it sold half a million in two weeks in Japan. In my book, that isn't selling badly.

xtremexx3548d ago

after a week it started to decrease, thats why i said badly, the way the media is portraying it makes it sound bad.

murkster-dubez3548d ago

After every single console release sales decrease the following week, media are riding the sony hate train.

Jobesy3548d ago

Because the Japanese like different games than the Western markets do, simple. Vita needs games like FF, MH, Yakuza, Kingdom Hearts and more JRPGs to sell more units. Till then, it will continue to sell 30,000-40,000 per week. Which is still not bad considering the high pricepoint.

BluePumpkin73548d ago

hopefully this and call of duty well get america's attention and monster hunter will get japan's attention and... gran turismo? will get Europe's attention

serious question here: what do europreans like? like what's their favorite genre?

tarbis3547d ago

Football and Racing I think.

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The story is too old to be commented.