Twisted Metal, MLB 12, SSX and Final Fantasy XIII-2 receive pre-order discounts

XMNR: Newegg kicked off a 72-hour weekend sale on Friday, January 6 that includes pre-order savings on Twisted Metal and MLB 12: The Show for the PS3 along with SSX and Final Fantasy XIII-2 for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Legionaire20053551d ago

Getting Twisted Metal for PS3 for just 5 dollars on Amazon.

Legionaire20053551d ago

Amazon promo cards from buying other games

SuperSaiyan43551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

USA only again...*Rolls eyes*

Anyways I have just pre-ordered FF13-2 Collectors edition along with the official collectors edition strategy guide.

Oh and just for the record on those that think I am a FF hater I also purchased the FF13 Xbox 360 at the midnight launch :-) along with the collectors edition strategy guide which i still have SEALED! When that was released a while back.

BiggCMan3551d ago

I don't understand your comment. All you said was that you pre-ordered the collectors edition, and then go on to say that "just in case anyone thinks i'm a FF hater..."

You lost me.