Golden4games: Postal III Review

The third edition of the comically violent, seriously violent, and just plain violent videogame series. This time out, you can lead your gun-toting character towards a variety of different life paths, including a serial killer, an activist gone eco-terrorist, and, most vile of all, a presidential candidate. A wide array of celebrity performances are used to bring the sick and crazy game to life, while the Source engine provides the power behind the game's social satire and politically incorrect virtual violence.

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CoD5113550d ago

I bet 9/10 people you ask won't even know Postal III is out. Possibly 10/10.

hellvaguy3550d ago

Sounds like a grand theft auto title.

Rampaged Death3550d ago

Think No More Heroes but a really really bad one.

Rampaged Death3550d ago

One of the worst games I have ever seen.