Inaba “2012 will be the ultimate year for Platinum”, Kamiya’s next game due to be revealed this year

Kamiya the mastermind behind the best action game of this generation (Bayonetta) has revealed that he “would like” to announce his game this year.

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smash-brother-103543d ago

Please let it be Bayonetta 2 !

Reibooi3543d ago

agreed I really wanna see more of Bayonetta. The first game was in my opinion the best action game ever made and I'm sure they can improve on it and step things up so I am really excited to see if that is what it is.

hazardman3543d ago

Sorry but Bayonetta was not the best action game this generation! I mean it was ok, compared to other great action games.

BigDollarZoe9543543d ago

Bayonetta 2 possibly liked the first one

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