Alan Wake dev: Long-term updates will replace sequels

IncGamers: Games will become services rather than products, says Remedy Games.

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Droid Control3548d ago

I would actually like this.

Rather than laying down £40 for COD 9 etc... why not lay down £20-30 for an update for COD 8 that gives you all the content of COD 9 but as a download for COD 8?

lodossrage3548d ago

I wouldn't like this for a few reasons.

Mainly because it would allow developers to be lazy and stop striving to be better. if all they need to do is give updates like that, they'll stop trying to improve graphics and other aspects.

All they'll end up doing is giving you a new, probably overpriced scenario or two. Seriously, do you REALLY think they're going to sit there and give you all the content of a full blown sequel in an update?

I will say this much, if ANY genre should actually do this, it would be the sports genre. There is NO excuse in this day and age for making people buy a game yearly with the same graphics with only minor game additions and roster updates.

KimoNoir3548d ago

Call of duty devs are lazy. Alan wake can provide a different approach to the game through dlc! Activision provides through a huge wad of money in psychologically enticing you with lots of marketing for a game thats all round the same game with extra modes and a slightly adjusted way to play muliplayer.

For $60 instead of $20 - $30 for dlc.

Same goes for halo odst. O lord.

sikbeta3548d ago

AH! by the Gods! I really don't like this at all! :(

Yi-Long3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

... so instead of developers giving you 1/5th content-expansion for 1/5th of the price (which in itself is already unfair cause obviously all the groundwork is already done and paid for when it comes to the engine, gameplay, and such), you'll probably get 1/5th of content for 1/3rd of the price.

For some games it could work: Say, a Sensible Soccer on PSN/XBLA which gets a new roster-update every 6 months for 5-10 bucks or 400/800MSP.

Or a game like Battlefield 1943 just getting new mappacks every 4-6 months for 15 bucks/ 1200msp.

I would welcome that.

But for story-based single-player games, I just prefer new games based on new/improved engines and tweaked/improved gameplay.

Also, obviously, there's the issue with consoles still having limited HDD-space. I've got a 120GB 360 and a 80GB PS3, and they're both full, which keeps me from buying/downloading new stuff.

slavish3548d ago

thq should think like this. instead of a crappy yearly wwe release they should do updates!

DiRtY3548d ago

Episodic content. I told you so. Alan Wake is perfect for it.

Matrix2k3548d ago

no wonder the development team sucks

lelo2play3548d ago

Football Manager for PC should be like this. Every year they release basically the same game, with minor updates.

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