Top 10 dead franchises that should find new life on PS Vita

With new Sony hardware on the horizon comes new opportunities for game developers, new technology to create fresh gameplay experiences taking advantage of all the gizmos stuffed inside the PS Vita. What we at Pocket Gamer really want to see, though, are titles from the archives brought back and adapted to take advantage of the Vita's new bells and whistles.

So, here's our top ten list of the series we want to see return on the Vita, with the ways in which they might incorporate the fresh tech included for good measure.

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darthbill183548d ago

Oh Christ! If Vib-Ribbon came to vita my life would be complete! I would even love to see some kind of touch control mechanic making use of the back panel.

MagicAccent3548d ago

No no no..

...Colony wars!