Microsoft & Sony Respond to Next-Gen Rumours

A new report published this morning suggested that both Microsoft Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) were intending on revealing their next-generation videogame consoles at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), taking place in Los Angeles this June. However, when approached for comment, neither of the hardware manufacturers was willing go on record confirming the reveal, or indeed the new consoles themselves.

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dark-hollow3552d ago

Of course they will deny the rumors.
As long as nintendo will jump into the next gen this year, ms and sony will follow sooner than later.

sikbeta3552d ago

Next gen is around the corner, N will "re-unveil" the wii-u this E3 with probably a November release date, pretty much like the wii, Sony and MS will not sit there and do nothing, Sony can't be that stupid to launch later than the competition, MS can't live with the currently success in US, both companies can't give N the advantage of having a new console in the market alone for a long period of time, Next Gen is getting close, yay! :P

darthv723552d ago

will have one of the two (MS/Sony) announce something. Its inevitable.

jaosobno3552d ago

Yay indeed. How is it possible that Yoshida knows nothing about PS4 and yet, just a few months ago, at Sony's shareholders meeting, their executives explained that increased expenses for R&D were present because they were developing successor to PS3.

slayorofgods3552d ago

I just hope MS and Sony take better care in increasing hardware durability. The xbox got the rrod in 5 months and the PS3 fat gets the ylod in 5 years, both are because of poor hardware configurations from both companies.

Quality not racing out the gates with issues!

h311rais3r3552d ago

At slayer.

I've been through 2 ps3s in 3 years. My last Xbox lasted 2. But been through 4 (all replacements courtesy of m$ thank god)

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PshycoNinja3552d ago

If I may add to the excitement fire here, I was just confirmed for E3 2012. Guess what this years theme is..... "Innovation Unveiled".

rattletop3552d ago

that response was expected

hot1113552d ago

Confirmed then.


floetry1013552d ago

Dear God. Is this article suggesting that Microsoft and Sony don't comment on rumour or speculation?

Hard-hitting journalism at its finest.

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The story is too old to be commented.