Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-order Bonus: Amazon Offers $10 Credit + Omega Boss Battle

"Today, Amazon added a $10 credit on all pre-orders of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Xbox 360/PS3)!

In addition, release day delivery is available for $0.99 as well!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set to release on January 31, 2012."

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Snookies123552d ago

Thought the Omega DLC was free anyway...

Tanir3552d ago

for real haha.

I was gonna get the game, preordered it today, then i figured i may not play it much in the beginning since SoulCalibur V comes out the same day, and well by the time i unlock everything in SCV, ff13-2 should drop to maybe 45-50 :P, only takes 2 weeks haha

hay3552d ago

Omega is now DLC? I wouldn't pay even this one buck to fight Ruby in FF7.
It pains me to see Square-Enix raping Final Fantasy.

Snookies123552d ago

Apparently it is yeah... And it's not even that great, it looks almost like a normal monster. Not worthy of being called Omega. :\

Ranma13552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

One of the things that makes FF, what it is. Is the secret hard boss battles like Emerald weapon and Omega weapon.

Now SE wants you to buy true FF experiences in parts. did my fav series of all time fall down to the levels of a sewer?

PshycoNinja3552d ago

I gotta give Square Enix marketing credit. They are trying really hard to get people to buy this game. It's almost funny how hard they are trying even though Square ended XIII just fine and there was never a need for a sequel.