Shank 2 New Gameplay

Check out for this new gameplay of Shank 2 now!

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acemonkey3553d ago

cant wait to get this loved the first 1....hope it has online co op

Rainstorm813552d ago

Yea i think the first was underrated, I enjoyed it more than Scott Pilgrim, which overshadowed the first Shank.

Cant wait for this one, all that was missing was online co-op...cant wait to see the unlockable costumes as well

pc_masterrace3552d ago

wow that was fast. I also love the first one and playing it on the hardest difficulty setting was a bitch and also very addicting.

Tdmd3544d ago

Don't really care for online coop, but if it does support offline coop, I'm sold. Desperately in need of good and nice looking coops sidescrollers to play with my girl.