Swap your Wii to an XBOX 360 for $80 or PS3 for $130 at Amazon.

Daily Game Sales: "Amazon are offering a hot deal to those looking to change their Nintendo Wii over to an XBOX 360 or PS3 at a low cost. Trade in your Wii Console and you can get a qualifying new Xbox 360 for as low as $79.99 or a PS3 for as low as $129.99.

Amazon are firstly offering up to $70 on a trade in of you Wii plus, get a $50 bonus credit toward the purchase of a qualifying Xbox 360 or PS3."

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Titanz3548d ago

Though you have to wonder - why now?

Probably stocking up on Wii's for the next holiday season.

Newsman3548d ago

The Wii was g8 for short term, the others long term.

morkendo233547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Im a casual gamer i rather SWAP my ps3 for a wii or wii-U INSTEAD.
love casual games than first person shooter games. yes, i rather go back to NENTINDO than playing the same games over an over an over with different title but same game, same enviroment but different title.
im dead tired of FPS type games.

Nooooooo!!!!! im not TROLLING as you young gamers say.
speaking the TRUTH from my perspective to each his own.

now i understand why im down to one bubble was not feeling the flow of younger gamers.(wow!! developer really brain washed this gen. of gamers to ONLY play kill or be killed type games) this is a new gen. of gamers, in my mind was hopeing for new HD graphics for old school games on ps3 but now i realize those dreams died when ps3 was is a pitty developers only bottomline is now days if it dont make over a million copys in one or two days it is consider junk.

rexbolt3548d ago

who is dumb enoughto trade in there wii

ElliePage3548d ago ShowReplies(3)
TheFirstClassic3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

What kind of question is that? It doesn't look like there's going to be any big wii games coming anymore, and the wii u is right around the corner. The wii u will probably be backwards compatible anyway.

Edit: @ElliePage I think you're forgetting about all the 3rd party games you can't get on wii. Also, if someone has a lot of friends who own a 360, what's wrong with them choosing that over ps3? And they might not want all of the ps3 exclusives, even though that's the main reason I have a ps3 instead of a 360.

Majin-vegeta3548d ago

Really??Xenoblade says hello.

rexbolt3548d ago

your a fake gamer thats why real gamers actully go and replay there games at least once u cant really do that with ps3 games but with wii games you actully can replay ur games since they there fun enough to play a 2nd time well ninteno games atleast but games like rue facttorycould last around 100 hours plus then u have monster hunter whuch last forever then mario kart which never gets boreing so stop ur bull wii ay not have as many games as the other beut hell the last longer then all the others combine since the avg play time for a ps3 game is 4 to 10 hours

DJMarty3548d ago

@rexbolt - more like who was dumb enuff to buy the shitty Wii in the first place.

TheFirstClassic3548d ago

Lol I'm not a real gamer. Ok kid, since you apparently are the main source of authority on who the real gamers are and aren't. I own a wii and love a lot of the games on the system. If you think that there are no games on ps3 and 360 with replay value, then there isn't even any point in arguing with you. I will say this though, just because you think games on a system are more fun than the one's on other systems doesn't make it so. You don't decide what is the most fun, individual people do... It isn't that complicated. So you have no right to put down other people who have different likes than you do. I guess I did argue with you anyway, oh well.

@Vegeta that was already released, even though its finally coming to the U.S. kind of hard to count that, but whatever.

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