Starhawk Early Public Beta Coming to PS+, Patch 1.2, and Future Patches

MP1st - Dylan Jobe gives details about the upcoming Starhawk public Beta and how you can get in along with details about 1.2 patch and upcoming ones.

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Sizzon2940d ago

Public beta for +, yeah! :D

JoGam2940d ago

Any idea when the beta will start?

Nitrowolf22939d ago

I believe sometime later this month

Knushwood Butt2939d ago

19th in Japan.

I have Plus so I'm in!

dark-hollow2940d ago

I loved warhawk very much that i think am gonna get plus subscirbtion for the beta alone.

Ducky2939d ago

Hopefully the beta starts soon.
I'm tired of the early beta code mocking me every time I open UC3's case.

Majin-vegeta2939d ago

Your in for a big surprise i loved the beta even though i only played it the last day curse you vacations in Mexico:p.

TheHardware2939d ago

I was in the private beta. I really love this game its a easy must have, but I really think jetpacks have to be removed. I dint like em in warhawk...and the are even worst in starhawk.

also the over the shoulder camera is currently only over the right shoulder, Ive gotten used to it but it really needs to be switchable (like snake in MG4)

remanutd552939d ago

i like the Jetpacks and i think they are better implemented in Starhawk than in Warhawk

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