Outrage over SWTOR: Vette Makes the News

So apparently Vette has made the news (if you consider the Daily Mail news, that is). Today they ran a story about the outrage of SWTOR which allows players to 'own' and torment female slaves with electric shock collars. Bold subheadings declare that the game has “scripted lines such as ‘obey my every command’ and options to beat and torture a female slave.

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Lord_Sloth2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Weren't the Twi-Leks often slaves in Star Wars? Like that 1 that Jabba fed to his Rancor?

People will turn a blind eye to anything movies do just to crucify it in games.

FlashXIII2477d ago

The daily mail isn't news.. it's a bunch of fancy named articles constructed for the single purpose of enticing morons. I read the article in question and it's a joke to journalism just like the Daily Mail itself. I've not once heard anyone mention Vette in general chat contrary to what the paper would have you believe. Yes my Sith Warrior friend mentioned and jokes about the whole slave thing but the Daily Mail is nothing more than a drama queen paper that blows everything out of proportion.

TLDR: The Daily Mail is a joke of a paper with the integrity of a politician and thus it's views have little to no merit.

Velox2477d ago

The only Vette I care about is Fett's Vettes!

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