Team Legendia Featured In This Week's Twin Brave Trailers

It's almost Friday, which means the official Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave website has been updated with new trailers. And this week they're featuring the team representing Tales of Legendia.

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fozzness2503d ago

So many tales games!! Not enough time!! ;A;

NeoBasch2503d ago

There is no such thing as Team Legendia. I wish. I really enjoyed that game, but it was a collaboration. Members of Team Symphonia and Team Destiny both worked on it. "Team Legendia" hasn't collaborated together since.

ShawnCollier2503d ago

Team Legendia isn't the developers, it's referring to Senel/Chloe teaming up in the game.

And it was part of the Soul Calibur team (Team Soul) IIRC that developed Legendia, not TS/TD.

NeoBasch2503d ago

Ah, I see. But just so you know, Project MelFes was disbanded, but members went on to work with the Tales studio in general. Some of the staff had worked on Symphonia, Dawn of the New World, Abyss, Destiny, etc. Some even Xenosaga. Tales of studio should really not be considered split anymore because ever since Vesperia it's been a collaborative process. Staff get intermixed with every release. You can even see members of both studios in Tales of Graces credit reel.

Also, the writer and director of Legendia went on to Vesperia, which is predominately considered a Team Symphonia game.