One Piece: Kaizoku Musou Features Multiplayer, PSN Support

The game will be for 1 to 2 players.

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tayz2504d ago

day 1 import buy! even if its from japan and costs me $100!

Tuxedo_Mask2504d ago

There's a strong possibility that this will be localized, but if you'd rather not wait go ahead.

sinncross2504d ago

I live in Japan so ill buy it here.

But wow... 2 player support? For real? What would sweeten the deal is if that is both offline and online.

My friend may not buy this on launch so he can at least come to my place and so some multiplayer. But even if not offline, this game looks like a lot of fun!

nyobzoo2504d ago

yea Namco has a trademark for Pirate Warriors, so it's a high probability that it'll be released in the US/EU

KevPC2504d ago

is it offline co-op too?

KonaBro2504d ago

Definitely one of my anticipated titles of this year. One PiecexDynasty Warriors? Someone pinch me!