ZU's Response: Female Link in Zelda

ZU's Cody writes: "A couple of weeks ago, Melpomene made a video discussing the idea of a female Link in Zelda. The answer from fans was largely a “no”, but looking at the reasons, amongst them were several that I just couldn’t agree with, from reasons of just straight-up 1950′s sexism (“GIRLS CAN’T SAVE PEOPLE THAT’S WHAT MEN DO”) to other arguments like “but that would be like changing Mario or Samus” or “but that means male Zelda!” that I just find incorrect or irrelevant on other grounds.

Hit the jump for my video, where I rebut some of the above arguments and give some reasons why I feel that a female Link (or a female option Mass Effect style) wouldn’t be the dramatic negative change that people are suggesting."

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Lord_Sloth2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

It's funny how every1 wigs out about the just the mere discussion of altering Zelda in any way at all and yet DMC fans are being called petty and stupid for their outburst about the newest title when we actually have a drastic shift in art style, storyline, voice acting, music, AND gameplay!

Whitefox7892475d ago

Just goes to show my friend that fanbases never want drastic changes.

Kinda reminds me of the Metroid fanbase which pretty much heavily disapproved of Samus having a voice (at least how she presents herself) and her past backstory in Metroid Other M