OPINION: Why the next-gen Apple TV means game over for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo

Kikizo opinion piece: "Some people say the writing’s on the wall for traditional game consoles. Colin O’Donnell argues it’s true – and it’ll all be down to Apple."

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stonecold32477d ago

i doubt sony , microsoft, nintendo will go anywhere they are here to stay ?

dark-hollow2477d ago

Lol apple tv wont do sh*t to the big three.

If apple seriously want to threat those companies it have to release it won dedicated video games consolr. Which wont happen in the near future.

darthv722476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

if apple was to try and take on the console 3 they would have to do it the most unexpected way. For that i mean not only having the hardware/software to compete but use an edge they have currently. Portability.

I can actually see them adding more advanced game features to the ipad 3 so that you can plug it into a tv and wirelessly link a controller to play. Then you can take the ipad with you and play games on the move. Obviously they would have to compensate for the loss of physical controller interactivity but this is just an idea.

It would serve two purposes and be something the big 3 hadnt done yet. Although, sony did try it with the psp go but the unfortunate problem was they didnt opt for an upscaler chip in the go when its connected to a tv. Thus making the games look like psp games on tv instead of more smooth console-ish games.

Then again, they could very well revise the vita to do all of that. I can see a new vita with video out and bluetooth to sync a ds3 to it and play the games on a big screen but the power of the chip in the vita ups the res to a native 720p at least.

From a hardware development POV sony has the resources to do that.

darthv722477d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

people felt the same way about sega.

Could you imagine if nintendo bowed out and just made games?

TheGameFoxJTV2476d ago

I'd actually prefer that instead of the WiiU... Get nintendo games on my Xbox 720 and PS4, or maybe even PC <3.

zeal0us2477d ago

The only way consoles are going away is if majority of the developers leave. Someone been drinking too much of Apple's juice or some those iDrinks.

kneon2477d ago

Even if most developers left, Nintendo and Sony have enough studios on their own to keep going. Microsoft would have to beef up their studios and lately they have been doing so.

leper6412477d ago

Apple has wiped the floor in the handheld gaming space.

This article looks at how they might do the same in the console space.

Once in a while it might be worth you rascals actually reading the articles linked to on N4G instead of scanning headlines and commenting the first thing that comes into your head?

Matrix2k2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Apple is barely a spec in the mobile GAMING space.

Vita and 3ds are selling more than there predecessors, because why?

Because most people dont game on phones idiot.

Ducky2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Apple's dominance is mostly due to its brand name. They know how to advertise their products and they also know how to tailor products to their target audience.
For example, I've met people that seem to think that only iPhone has 'apps' and all those other features that most smartphones also have.

Anyways, the problem is, Apple's philosophy isn't something that rings with most 'core' gamers. Their target audience has never really been gamers.
I don't even think Apple has ever wiped out any of its competitor in a field, rather, it appears Apple just creates their own little niche and fills it.

Apple never took over handheld gaming, rather, they popularized a relatively new field (mobile gaming).
I think AppleTV would do something similar. It won't take over console gaming, rather, it'll popularize some new type of gaming... I'd guess it'll exploit the idea of motion-controllers along with the cloud as the article mentions.

Either ways, dedicated consoles won't go anywhere. They might get dwarfed by the newer casual crowd who'd consider oldschool console players as antisocial nerds... kind of like how PC gamers tend to get stereotyped nowadays... but that's about it.

specialguest2477d ago

First of all, Apple didn't wipe the floor on anything by itself. You're forgetting Android which accounts for half of all mobile phone market share and is rapidly growing making it the #1 smartphone platform. Don't believe me? Look it up.

Secondly, it didn't destroy the Gameboy/PSP market. It created a whole new market for people who would normally not play games on handheld devices like the DS/PSP to begin with.

However, in the future it could be a threat towards classic handheld gaming once kids start owning smartphones by the masses.

xc7x2477d ago

for casual gaming only maybe but not for quite a while still,for hardcore not so much ever.

kungfuian2477d ago

The article neglects to address a very very big issue, which is the fact that most purchases of ios devices are heavily subsidised by phone carriers. This is the reason they are able to have the kind of market pentration they have. Not sure TV's fit into this model!

Why not just provide a portable device/phone which seemlessly sincs with your tv and is powerful enough to run all this type of media? If a next gen i-phone/table came with a tv/monitor docking thingy OUT OF THE BOX and seemlessly sinced with you tv why would i want/need a itv like is described in the article? I'll take a portable that does both thanks!!!!

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