EuroGamer - Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction Review

EuroGamer - So farewell then, Flatout. An at times great crash-em-up that began six years ago on PC, this third entry was only announced the other week - and smashes the franchise into a brick wall. If this has been in development for more than a year, I'll drink engine fluid.

Flatout 3 is developed by Team 6, which was also behind the Wii's uncontrollably bad Flatout, and picks things up from there. Veterans of Bugbear's Flatout 2 and Ultimate Carnage will recall tight handling at high speeds, sophisticated damage modelling and bouncy but tight physics - and those things remain a memory.

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WolfLeBlack2480d ago

Y'know, I was going to make some clever joke here, but I just can't. I mean just look at that score. Nothing I can possibly say hurt the game any more than that score. Hell, I didn't even know Eurogamer had such a score.

kingdavid2480d ago

Contender for Big Rigs over the Road Racing?

spunnups2480d ago

Flatout 2 ( I think it was the PS2 version ) still remains one of my favorite racers and to see something with the Flatout name get such an awful score is embarrassing and sad.